Panties and Dresses: 4 Reasons to Watch

In our tropical climate is very common use in everyday dresses to feel more comfortable, cool and quiet. However, the undergarment is still marred by too much stigma and is seen as something that should not appear in any moment, being reserved for the intimate moment.

However, it is normal to have problems with panties and dresses, mainly depending on the model of this second. See 4 reasons to be careful when using them:

1. Today Everyone Takes Pictures Of Everything

A first reason to beware of dresses and panties is currently everybody takes pictures of everything. Rather than warn an accident, people tend to want to register to ridicule in Facebook groups and Whatsapp.

The fear of becoming the next meme of a bad page or appear in groups of family or friends so bad is a great reason to be careful. Even if people don’t have the right to do that, unfortunately, is still a common practice and therefore requires careful your not to be caught by such persons of bad character.

2. Freedom To Rude Comments

Unfortunately the combination of a dress shorter than in an accident can involve appear the panties just generating comments rude by some people and even harassment on the part of others.

That’s why care must be done to avoid that you listen to that type of comment. In the same case of the previous item, no one should do this if you are using a dress shorter end up the panties, but unfortunately it still happens too.

3. Constraints In The Work Environment

Another problem that dresses and panties may cause is at work. For this to be a more formal environment and requiring a more flawless, have problems with the appearance of underwear, even by accident, can cause serious discomfort with co-workers and even with the public, case work with it.

4. The Weather May Not Cooperate With You

A strong wind can be the great enemy of dresses and panties , especially those more free. He can finish up and accidentally exposing the your undergarment on the street, causing embarrassment for you.

How To Avoid Problems With Panties And Dresses?

To avoid problems with dresses and panties you should think about ways to prevent exposure of the undergarment when using this type of clothing. Sometimes you want to use a shorter model, but is afraid, afraid of appearing the undergarment.

One way around this is to use a short of tissue that do not mark on clothing. If he come up, you will be protected. If this is not possible, consider using models that allow a better mobility without climb .

In the case of the workplace, it would be ideal to use models that are a bit larger or less developers, avoiding accidents that may cause unease in this location.

The important thing is that you feel good and comfortable and you don’t go through any kind of embarrassment.

And you, what do you do to get around the problems with panties and dresses? Tell us your experience in the comments at the undergarment reference men&women website EXTRAREFERENCE.COM.