Pajama Party: 5 Steps to Organize an Incredible Party!

Childhood is the best part of anyone’s life, and any child would be immensely happy to know that Mom will organize a pajama party, gather friends, and ensure fun for the night!

It’s bedtime, but what they want most is to have fun, play with no time to finish. Organizing such a party for your kids is a fun way to get out of the rut and let them celebrate until they feel tired and actually fall asleep. And most importantly, close enough to you within the security of your home.

Sounds like a great idea does not it? So write down some tips and ideas that I will make available to you to organize an unforgettable pajama party for your child!

Step 1 – The Pajama Party Invitations

It’s time to craft creative invitations, if you have manual craftsmanship and are a craft lover, it will be easier. Here we have an invitation with the traditional sleeping mask, made with cutouts and a beautiful satin ribbon. The girls will start getting enchanted with the invitation!

A few more ideas for invitations. Note that all are made by hand, it is a great tip, and you can create them according to the personality of your child, taking the opportunity to ask a little help and have fun making the invitations.

Step 2 – Decoration is the Soul of the Party

The second most important step to dedicate is decoration. For girls there is no secret, they love a glamorous decoration, full of pinks, bows and cute paraphernalia. Colorful candy and cupcakes can not be missed.

For boys, a cool idea is to decorate with a camping theme. Boys love to venture out and so decorating will leave them with a thousand adrenaline, ready to face the “dangers of the night”, tell horror stories and have a lot of fun.

This decoration is unisex, as you can see this was arranged for a girl, but contains elements and colors that could also be for a boy. The background with masks is a charm, and after the party you can deliver as a souvenir to the little friends, what do you think?

Step 3 – Treats and Treats at Will!

Do you want greater happiness for a child than a table full of goodies and food? Of all kinds and flavors, you can make colorful popcorn, chocolate covered apples and granules, hot dogs, cupcakes, cookies and pancakes.

Step 4 – Play and Fun

After getting fed up with sweets and delicious foods, it’s time for the fun to start without having time to end. You can organize a karaoke, with the songs they love, you can ask your son and his friends to create a list of the songs most heard by them.

There are several other games they love like: board games, treasure hunt, dance chairs and mimes. Let go of the imagination and make the children happy!

Step 5 – Souvenirs

One thing that also goes out of the routine of the traditional celebrations, is that the souvenirs are delivered at the beginning of the party, to equip them and to feel comfortable. Invest in slippers, personalized sleeping masks with guests name, hygiene kit and even pillows or sleeping pillows.

So now you’re feeling inspired for your son’s next party? Innovate in a pajama party, the fun will be guaranteed and I bet even you will have a good laugh with the children’s antics. I hope I have helped!