Leather Jeans Is Winter Trend And Is Very Easy To Care For!

Resin jeans are contemporary, stylish, innovative, value your look and are already part of women’s closets. In addition to being beautiful, the resined jeans are very comfortable and lightweight, which favors even more when it comes to choosing, because the piece has the appearance of leather, with the comfort of a legging, and looks good in a wide variety of pieces: trousers , Shorts, jackets and skirts.The Conscience Jeans Collection is very varied and has options for all tastes with different finishes ranging from leather to metallized and with glitter. This winter, red, black and brown will be great bets. Continue reading

Wearing Skinny Pants Can Damage Nerve Fibers of the Feet

If you are one of those who does not resist good skinny pants , beware when you stay too long in a position that will leave the jeans tighter. The alert appears in an article in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry , which revealed that spending too much time crouching when you are wearing tight fitting pants can damage nerve and muscle fibers in your legs and feet – and even prevent the Person can walk. Continue reading

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Bikini

Summer has arrived and everyone is already thinking about taking advantage of the holidays. So this is the time to renew your bikinis to make beautiful in the hottest season of the year. It’s time to soak in the sea water, the pool water… To lie in the sun and tan the skin in the way that people love! For this you have to be prepared, with models of bikinis that value your physical type to put in the wardrobe! It is to help you choose the right swimwear for your body that we separated some tips! Continue reading

Rings Made Of Precious Stone Discs

The idea of “How can that work and be produced?” coming up at the sight of the gemstone rings by Tanja Emmert. The rings are very simple in their form and clearly designed-anything other than simple, however, is its processing. Tanja Emmert layers builds their rings with different types of precious stones. Continue reading

Salopets Plus Size: Back To Childhood!

The look of today has a very strong connection with my emotional and my childhood. My aunt on my father’s side, who was also my godmother, was a great woman. She was super talented, hyper capricious and very sweet, super helpful, of those people who loves to please, you know?–not for nothing is the way I am, she loved to get dressed because had no children and as I was the first niece, was her doll for a long time. Remember the countless trips to the neighborhood seamstress to make dresses and

Continue reading

Where to Buy Tablecloths for Party

When preparing a party should think about everything from the local organization until the food and drinks and decoration. To maintain a standard of decoration, it is common to use patterned tablecloths, all in the same style and on the purchase these items appear a thousand doubts about models and prints.

Meet some sites that rely on various options of tablecloths, woven, textile, for party and disposable models accessible prices and easy payment methods. Continue reading