Outfits: Update Your Wardrobe For the Summer 2017

For that workout at the gym or jogging in the morning, it is very important to feel beautiful and comfortable. Surely you have in your wardrobe some outfits, but is wondering if you are following the most modern trends.

Outfits: Update Your Wardrobe For the Summer 2017

In the old days, it was common for women destined little attention to what they were going to use the time to practice physical activities.

However, with the growth in the number of people who cherish for a healthier life, also grew the demand for pieces made especially for this purpose, making the diverse market fitness fashion!

As always, this year health continues in fashion, and so you continue rocking before, during and after the series in the gym, check out some trends to update your wardrobe for the summer this year.

With the tips that are given in this article you will know what are the best outfits that currently exist in the market and thus will not make ugly with your look, it’s time to go to the gym. Check out below!

Tips for outfits to rock with your look at the Academy

Sets, Tops & Croppeds

The practice of physical activities requires freedom of movement! And the parts that allow it to more women are the tops and croppeds.

With a super comfortable modeling, and that helps keep the upper part of the body in place while you do whatever else the gym or dance class requires, these two outfits already are very successful, and promise to continue doing during that year.

So the tip here is to invest in, are they with shorts or leggings, which in addition to leave you very beautiful will help you save a little to renew the stock of outfits.

In addition to the idea, another pretty cool tip is use the tops or croppeds under a larguinha Regatta and well dug, leaving your more composed if you still don’t feel comfortable showing the belly, because these pieces work as a bra with a larger modeling, ensuring more security and comfort in the movements you need to do during training at the Academy.

Short-skirt legging skirt

One of the points that bother more women in respect of outfits, are your fair moulds, which, depending on the body, can cause some discomfort with what ends up being shown.

To deal with this nuisance of a simple, practical and efficient way, the models of short-skirt legging skirt, preserving the freedom of movement that the parts alone bring, coupled to the comfort that a small piece of cloth can do, and leaving quiet and carefree to practice their activities without fear of being happy!

You can still use the parts options to combine them with the first tip, forming beautiful and rocking with your look, it’s time to go to the gym.


The last piece that can not miss in your wardrobe is the jumpsuit.

This piece combines the best of both worlds in a single model. You can find jumpsuits with the finish in short-skirt, skirt-legging, leggings, shorts, or a skirt. So you’re completely free to choose the one that makes you more comfortable in time to work out.

What about the colors?

The colors that promise this year are the metallised pumping, bringing a distinctive finish to the pieces, but the flashy neon tones as well, also will make a lot of success, and if you like to attract attention wherever he goes, you can bet without fear! Good workout!

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