Outdated Photo App: Major Update For Google Snapseed

First major update since two years: Google has released a comprehensive update for its app Snapseed to the retouching of photos. This adds the application to many of the features – and will now allow a professional editing of recordings.

The tools that are you now with Google Snapseed available, include blur, contrast, a smart transformation of the perspective and the so-called “spot healing” according to Google. In addition, you can use new filters if you know with the brush part of photos with effects.

Non-Destructive Work

Non-destructive work is also possible via the ‘stacks’ – this means that all of your intermediate steps are stored, making an undesirable change back at any time. This capability distinguishes professional software for image editing. Also, you can insert pictures or snippets of images just in other photos.

Outdated Photo App Major Update For Google Snapseed

With Snapseed you can both edit the photos that you recorded with the camera of your mobile device, as well as images from external cameras. The new version of Google’s app is now available for Android devices in the Google play store, an iOS device owners will find it on iTunes. In contrast to many other editing programs, Snapseed is completely free and offers also an in-app purchases.