Orly Smart Gels Nail Kit

Manicure with nail polish gel semipermanent DIY? It is now possible thanks to Orly, famous Californian brand worldwide leader in Nail Care, which launches Orly SmartGels, a system of manicure gel polish that can be used in a quick and easy at home.

Orly SmartGels is new dedicated to how many amino having nails cured thanks to the enamel semi-permanent gel but prefer to deal with it alone. With these new enamels semi-permanent gel Orly both the application and removal of the product is easy and intuitive, and most importantly you are guaranteed to have a perfect and brilliant color for up to three weeks according to petsinclude.com.
Orly SmartGels has a special formula infused with vitamins and protects in this way the natural nails for strength: after removing the enamel Orly fact ensures healthy nails, strong and resistant, even more than before! These products will be on sale in pharmacies.
The offer of Orly SmartGels includes 24 shades of enamel semi-permanent coordinated with those of the classic enamel Orly most loved and came ever, allowing in this way to combine a semi-permanent manicure with gel polish to a classic pedicure with nail polish always signed Orly, or touch up regrowth of manicures to make it last longer for a manicure with nail polish gel semipermanent DIY impeccable. It ‘also available one starter kit that contains everything you need to create a manicure and learn in an easy and fast.
All products in the line ORLY SmartGels are free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin.
The system Orly SmartGels includes:
– SmartGels Primer

A primer for nails, essential to prepare the nail surface application of enamel semi-permanent gel DIY, extend the life of the product.
– SmartGels Base + Top
A unique product that combines the features of a base and of a top for a more simple use. The “basic function” mask nail imperfections and creates a perfectly smooth and uniform surface on which to apply the gel. While that “top” seals the color giving an extra glossy finish and protecting it for weeks while preserving the color and the resistance to chipping test.
– Color SmartGels 12 nuance in mini size 5,3ml, perfect to be utizzare at home as well as on the go thanks to the small and practical format. These glazes, like all Orly enamels, are characterized also by award-winning anti-slip cap Gripper Cap, and a label that faithfully reproduces the color of the gel contained within. The price of these enamels semi-permanent gel is 21 euro each.
– LED lamp super compact lamp that uses modern LED technology for drying the product in half the time compared to the lamps for manicure gel tradizionali.Il price of LED lamp Orly SmartGels is 210 euro.
– SmartGels Remover & Pocket Remover mild solvent Orly complete with practical “pockets” with sponge that allow you to remove the gel within minutes, minimizing the solvent in contact with skin.
– SmartGels Cleanser
A product that cleans and dries the nail plate preparing the application of the product, also removes the dispersive layer of the gel after application, leaving the perfectly polished and shiny nails.
Orly also proposes the SmartGels Starter Kit: a compact perfect kit to start using Orly SmartGels and get a manicure by professional salon comfortably at home. The SmartsGel Starter Kit Orly Kit, on sale at the price of 119 Euros, includes everything needed to make a perfect semi-permanent gel manicures at home, except the LED lamp and the colors, available separately.
– enamel colors ORLY SmartGels: € 21.00 cad.
– ORLY SmartGels Starter Kit: € 119.00
– LED lamp Orly SmartGels: € 210.00
The entire line distributed in Italy by the Ladybird House is already available for sale at all good chemists .

What do you think of the new Orly? You can find more detailed information on Orly SmartGels, the semi-permanent gel nail DIY, we invite you to visit the web page of the company Ladybird House here.