Opening the Umbrella Inside Home

According to superstition, opening an  Umbrella   inside the house attracts bad luck and so many people always leave their  Umbrellas   and  Umbrellas   always closed indoors.

But how did this superstition begin?

According to historians there are 3 possible origins for the legend. Check it:

Tradition of ancient Egypt

At the time of the pharaohs, only royalty used  Umbrellas  and  Umbrellas  to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. Because of the ancient Egyptians’ worship of the sun, and also because they believed that the Pharaohs were demigods, people of the day began to think that the  Umbrellas  were a means of linking the pharaohs to the sun god.
Because of this connection with the gods, and also because its shape resembles the solar disc, opening it in a shaded place outside the domains of the sun, was considered an offense to the gods, and therefore attracted chance.

Relationship with funerals

Other historians do not believe that the legend has an origin as old as the time of the pharaohs, for them it all began when the first  Umbrellas  and  Umbrellas arrived in Europe.

The first to use the Umbrellas in Europe would have been religious clerics, who used them at funerals, simply to protect themselves from the weather. Because of this, people began to associate Umbrellas with the death of their family and friends, and naturally they were afraid when someone opened them inside their homes.


According to BESTITUDE, Another very likely reason that may have engendered all this superstition about opening  Umbrella  indoors may have been a far more practical motive. The ancient  Umbrellas  were very different from those of today, they were made without the care of avoiding sharp points and their mechanisms were half dangers.

Thinking about it the scientist and author Charles Panati wrote in his book”Extraordinary Origins Living Things”: “In eighteenth-century London, when  Umbrellas  waterproof metal water started to become a common sight, its mechanism Hard to open indoors. An  Umbrella   suddenly opening in a small room could severely injure an adult or a child, or break an object. Even a minor accident could provoke unpleasant words or a fight, a sign of bad luck in a family or between friends. Thus, superstition has emerged as an element to prevent people from opening an  Umbrella  indoors.”

We can not say with any certainty which of the three motives produce superstition, but it is very likely that the three together have helped keep this legend alive to this day.

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