One Month Living Experience Nike Trainning Club

A training focused 100% on women, in order to tone, tune and strengthen.I started my training a month ago at Nike Women Studio, a space specializing only in women.

My goal when I entered this challenge was to get back to the taste of the sport and obviously harden a little bit. There were 5 classes of N+TC (Nike Training Club) quite intense, consisting of cardiovascular exercises to lose weight and also interval training to gain muscle mass. Perfect for what I needed.

We use different implements to make classes, some days we work with various types of weights, mats, elastic bands, etc. We manage to exercise arms, abdomen and legs.

Even though I was sore every day after school, it was a nice feeling. Gradually I began to notice some changes in my body and more desire to continue playing sports. I felt a change of positive energy and the muscles getting more and more tight.

With this new category of N+TC exercises, focused especially on women, Nike seeks to continue with the idea of ​​inspiring and connecting with the sport, giving us the opportunity to live an improved and complete training experience, and help us incorporate every time More sport to our daily lives.

It was an incredible experience, which left me wanting to continue doing sports to meet my next goals. We invite you to continue reading the full story in the next issue of Full Outdoor Magazine!


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