Omega Watches: A Luxury Female Too

There is no magazine that do not have at least one page of advertising of Omega Watches for women, aided by a super testimonial: Nicole Kidman.

So far I’ve given some advice to give a watch feminine and I focused also on some brand-female, from Locman to Longines, passing for Chopard up to the Bulgari serpents.

I confess that Nicole Kidman I elicits a mix of conflicting emotions: tender memories of times of days of Thunder, longing for her with the small Tom Cruise and the bitter discovery of Pact with the devil that has made. I decided, nevertheless, to look ahead and this time I will focus on Omega Watches for women. But first, let’s understand how Omega came to Kidman.

The brand Omega

According to, Omega is a Swiss watch brand founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848 by 23-year-old Louis Brandt, assembler of pocket watches.

After his death the 2 sons began manufacturing. The brand name was born in 1894 along with the famous Calibre 19 Pocket, that on the recommendation of a friend of the family banker, was baptized in fact Omega: as the last letter of the Greek alphabet.The intent was to emphasize the concept of final Watch: after that mechanism there would have been nothing more perfect at that price!

In the years ‘ 30, then, Omega becomes the official supplier of Italian and British aviation, continuing to invest in the search for innovative solutions and high-precision complex mechanisms, until introduced in 1948 the famous collection Omega Seamaster Olympic Games held in London.

After 10 years was presented the legendary Speedmastermodel, which is chosen as the official NASA chronograph much to finish off the wrist of the astronauts of the Apollo Missions because of its reliability in terms of performance.

Omega was the first (and only) clock to go to the Moon, I don’t know if I give the idea!

The Swiss brand becomes leader of the watch market in the medium-high range, with its flagship in the Constellation, though the selection of models that have taken place over the years is very long and perhaps go back to speak. For the moment I want to emphasise the high esteem for a brand that has never ceased to innovate both technically-the first element that distinguishes a watch of quality and value-both on the design.

Only a couple of information before they concentrate on Omega Watches: Omega 90 ‘ join group Swatch and in 2005 is mounted the first Co-Axialmodel, a patent Omega of Haute Horlogerie is dedicated with a limited edition Michael Schumaker in 2007.

It is clear that if the Omega watches are at the high end of the industry, the brand’s image can only point to super testimonial as in the case of the last campaign with Kidman, a paid actresses in Hollywood.

Omega Watches for women

About Omega Watches for women, there are some models that I can’t not report, maybe someone is already looking for a gift idea for Christmas.

For those who love the particular watches with a distinct personality, I recommend theOmega Constellation with blue dial with star pattern, diamond hour markers, date, bezel set with diamonds in rose gold, transparent back, Omega Co-Axial calibre, 31 mm steel case and bracelet in pink gold and steel (price € 14,200 .00).

For those who prefer not to overdo the diamonds (and halve the price), there is the same model just with diamonds on the dial, so you don’t do wrong to none!

For those who want to own “Rock” is theOmega Constellation Quartz, luxurious with its dial in white gold with diamonds, bezel set with diamonds mounted on a 27 mm white gold OMEGA 1376 (precision quartz movement) and White Gold Bracelet.

Price? Only £ 34800, trifles. Compared to the Omega Constellation Quartz which promotes Nicole Kidman looks even cheaper: € 31900.00!

The De Ville Ladymatic has white mother of Pearl Dial, diamond hour markers, date, bezel set with diamonds, 34 mm rose gold case with a rose gold ring with “Côtes de Genève” pattern and white ceramic inside to decorate it on the side, gold bracelet and transparent back with OMEGA Co-Axial calibre.

The first time was launched the Ladymatic was 1955, when it was one of the first automatic watches designed for a female audience. Perhaps not everyone knows that the smallest mechanical movement-as female ones–technically are becoming less reliable and accurate compared to large models, which is why on watches for women are mostly quartz movements. That’s why the Ladymatic collection marks a very important technological breakthrough! At a distance of 50 years from the first pitch, Omega has revamped both the name and the design of the Ladymatic and the end result is very chic, although anything but cheap!

Omega on the top

It is now clear, Omega watches are aimed at a target super top, in line with the company policy : the brand is the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, has been participating in various social projects (including environmental) and is worn by James Bond from the years ‘ 90.

Now, since the female figures appear and disappear at lightning speed in episodes of 007 and that of alleged James Bond with restlessness and instability sentimental looks just that there are so many around, I would say that I fully agree with the words of Nicole Kidman “… time is the most precious thing. You can not buy, there is no turning back. Really, it’s the most important thing. ”

Moral? A man who wants to play to make the secret agent occupies more time (and horizon) than you deserve, better to leave it in the company of his PlayStation and look elsewhere. Maybe if it’s Daniel Craig you might make an exception, or what?!