Offers of School Backpack with Wheels

The world of fashion is versatile and dynamic, and could not be different when we talk about school accessories as in the case of backpacks.

Every mother knows how much her children love school backpacks with apps that represent the world of children, so it’s hard to do the kids’ taste at the time of purchase.

In the case of girls an indispensable accessory are the pink backpacks and no one better to represent the color than the backpacks of Barbie.

Barbie, the most famous doll in the world, has a line of rucksacks with wheels that facilitate immensely weight loading, usually in the backpacks of children there are many notebooks, books and so many other requirements when loaded on the back hurt the spine and much.
The backpacks with Barbie casters are made of sturdy material with unique details in each, enhances the feminine traits and your daughter loves.
Barbie has different models and sizes of backpacks with wheels, one of them was inspired by the Barbie movie a fairytale in the world of fashion, this backpack carries front and side compartments for lunchbox, with applications in bright with lanaghes, the lunch box is bought at part.
In the free market you find Barbie fashion and magic backpack with original wheels for R $ 169.00 or 12 R $ 16.34, also find another model for R $ 49.90 or 12 R $ 4.82.

In the site out site you will find 10Y Wings Barbie Cart Backpack, with zippered front and side pockets, embroidered gliter details, unique split, Custom handles, for a price of $ 82.00, on the same site the Mermaid Life Barbie Cart that differs from the Wings backpack for having metallized and holographic details and comes with a shell shaped pendant for a price of R4 148.00 or 6x of R $ 24.67.
These are just a few examples, because the world of Barbie does not stop here being about backpacks.
Advice at the time of purchase research the backpacks prices with Barbie wheels, because each store in each model prices change.