Notebook Is the Home Computer of Brazilians

Research shows that there are 1.9 per household equipment and that personal products life cycle is more than 2 years in Brazil

A survey conducted by Ibope in June 2015 Connects with more than a thousand Internet users, Dell’s request, shows that the desktop PC, desktop, lost your reign for the personal computer laptop, notebook. According to research data presented this Wednesday (22), in Sao Paulo, more than half of respondents, 56 percent, has as main home computer a notebook, followed by conventional desktop, desktop, with 31%, almost half of the previous category, and only 7% use the tablet as main equipment.

Internet users were interviewed above 18 years and of classes A, B and C, men and women, and from all regions of Brazil. The margin of error of the survey is 3% and 95% confidence.

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Soon after the tablet, appear two categories of latest product, 2:00 pm notebook 1 (with tablet functionality) and all-in-One (desktop computer without Tower), both with only 2%. The study identified that the Brazilians still have, on average, 1.9 computers per household, used by an average of two people, and users spend about 5.3 hours per day in front of the computer or tablet.

In addition, although the Dell work with a life cycle of 12 months for the release of personal computers, in Brazil, the exchange of equipment occurs at least 24 months according to the survey Ratings. Among the respondents, 34% bought the main personal computer for over two years, and 46% plan to purchase a new equipment in the next few months. The survey found that 1/4 of Brazilians who already have some computer model plans to buy a notebook.

X tablet computer: a losing battle for mobile?

Other data on the habits of Brazilians draws attention: the consumption of video content. Comparing computers with tablets, research has shown that the main use is to watch movies and serials, 85% against 15% in PC tablet. Internet browsing appears later, in second, with 74% of people accessing the web on your computer and just 26% in the tablet.

According to the survey, the Brazilians also prefer the computer to access email (73% and 27% in PC tablet) and read news sites (60% in computer and 40% on your mobile device).

Only in the most interactive uses is that the tablet is approaching the computer on the user’s preference. When it comes to social networks, the computer is the preference of 51% of respondents, against 49%. Talk with friends and family is the only use in the tablet excels: 51% prefer the mobile device while 49% opt for the personal computer. Regarding the use of computers and tablets for games, Dell showed no comparison data between the two devices.

The future of computing: Dell away from smartphones

On the formats of computers that survive in the future, 55% of respondents cited the notebook, 44% 31% 1, 2:00 pm notebook the tablet, 27% the all-in-One and 18% desktop. The research identified that 80% consider that, in ten years, the smartphone will be the main access point to the internet.

On this perspective, Luis Goncalves, President of Brazil, Dell stressed that the company has no current plans or long-term entering this market. “Research shows that the smartphone will be the main point of access, but not the only one. And Dell will continue providing equipment for this, but not all types. To produce and interact with some content user will still need more robust products such as computers.

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