Not The Best Camera Has The Iphone 7

The experts at DxOMark test the camera of the iPhone 7. You performs very well and is one of the three top rated models, can conquer but not number 1. Six Smartphones have better cameras, even though the distances are minimal.

One of the most outstanding features of the iPhone 7 is the great new camera on the back. In the test by , she was able to convince and made visibly better photos and videos as the predecessor Knipse. How good it actually is or whether it is perhaps the best of all Smartphone cameras, can find out but only a specialized laboratory.One of the recognized tests in the professional and amateur is DxO.Last year, ended up at # 3 Apple’s camera and had beaten including Samsung’s champions. Now the iPhone 7 has completed theDxOMark test course and a very strong rating, but for the first place it is 2017 not quite sufficient.

The 12-megapixel camera did very well in all areas and for the experts, the iPhone 7 has the best camera that Apple has so far built into an iPhone. It succeeded, to build a lean, but very powerful camera with a smaller sensor than most competitors through innovative techniques, “Apple Insider” cited DxO Chief Tester Frédéric Guichard.

Strong colors, optical image stabilizer

Photos show plus other improved structures and fewer artifacts than pictures of the iPhone 6 s. To get an accurate white balance and a strong representation of the color. However, the software smooths fine details too much, a luminance noise is visible in low light and the auto focus does not always work correctly. Overall, the iPhone-7 camera in the photo rating achieved strong 86 points of 100 possible.

The now also in the small model DxO evaluated by built-in optical image stabilizer and a fast and smooth autofocus during daylight hours the video performance with 85 points. Among other things, here weaker results in low light prevented a higher score. Bottom line, the iPhone-7 camera receives an overall rating of 86 points.

HTC, Samsung and Sony remain front

Thus, Apple has closed up to the competition, but not caught up with them. The distances are very scarce, but six smartphones this year cut already better in the DxO Labs. And the iPhone 7 must be ranked third with the LG G5, the Samsung Galaxy note 5 and the previous second share Galaxy S6 Edge.

The Moto Z force droid, as well as the two previous year’s winner Galaxy S6 edge plus and Sony’s Xperia Z5 occupy second place into the DxOMark charts with respectively 87 points. The Galaxy S7 Edge can barely defend its leading position by March, but shares 1st place with the Sony Xperia X performance and the HTC 10, which also achieved a rating of 88 points.