Nike Launches First Line of Sport for Plus Size Women

Sport this high, maybe for fashion or consciousness of people who need to take care of your body to live longer these days do physical exercise is part of almost all people, for some how lifestyle to other.

As leisure, the fact is that all exercise somehow, your favorite music, dancing

walking on the beach, in the gym and so forth.

Nike launches your first line of plus size women’s sport, we couldn’t help but be happy with

This release because the idea of many is that plus size women do not exercise and therefore not

are considered ‘ athletes ‘ we forgot to be a woman with curves outside the standards imposed by society is an option. More than just stretch the size of sports clothes, Nike launches a range

fabulous clothes for professionals that suit different bodies of plus size women.

In a statement given to Refine ry29, the company said: “Nike recognizes that women are stronger,

bolder and more open than ever. In today’s world, the sport is no longer something that she does,

that’s who she is.”

The line, which is available for purchase online, includes various colors of leggings, shorts and Sports Bras,

up to size 3 x.
Nike invited him to star in the front of the influencers Grace campaign Victory and Danielle Vanier and

other influencers and plus size bloggers certainly form part of this project.

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