Nexus 6 P: Only The Galaxy S6 Edge Is Better In The Camera Test

Nexus 6 P Only The Galaxy S6 Edge Is Better In The Camera Test-1

The just unveiled Google like nexus 6 p from the manufacturer Huawei not only by his giant display with relatively small dimensions. The camera also impressed in a first test of the renowned Portal DxOMark. The recording results are so good that only a single competitor in the standings can shove up nexus 6 p before that.

With a DxOMark value of 84 points the camera of Google performs better nexus 6 p than almost all other already tested Smartphone cameras. Even the recently approved LG G4 can not compete with his 83 points. In our ranking of the best camera smartphones’s is still the market leader, but that may varies according to an accurate test of the nexus 6 p change. Into the DxOMark ranking only trumped the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with 86 points of the nexus 6 p.

Less Megapixels, Sharper Images

Google has pointed out already during the yesterday’s presentation, that the camera of the nexus 6 p intentionally a few megapixels has been omitted. For this, the Smartphone will provide good shots with its 12.3-megapixel camera especially in low light. The DxOMark testers can confirm this: you certify photos impressive richness of detail that were taken with the camera of the nexus 6 p. According to the experts, there are currently no Smartphone camera, which produces similar good pictures in low light. But even in daylight, which created nexus 6 p the testers according to very detailed photos.

In addition, the camera of the nexus 6 p color fidelity and sufficient exposure time, very fast auto focus with a good Flash behavior could score. Less well liked the testers that HDR +-recordings were sometimes slightly noisy and artifact subject. Partly, that also switched nexus 6 p before the autofocus is sharp asked. Nevertheless this may currently offer one of the best smartphone cameras nexus 6 p.

Nexus 6 P Only The Galaxy S6 Edge Is Better In The Camera Test-2

5 X the colleagues of DxOMark have not performed so far still a test of nexus presented also at yesterday’s 29 September. However, because also this Smartphone with the same 12.3-megapixel camera is equipped, the results are likely to barely differ. The nexus 6 p should be available to 649 euro in the October 2015 in Germany, while it will be to have nexus 5 X at the same time from 479 euro.