New to Us: SINN Watches

We would like to present you the newest brand of our range today, because we are now expanding our brand world around the SINN watches.

For genuine watch lovers the brand is of course a fixed term, so we want to give you a little insight into their history . In 1961, the brand was founded by the flight instructor and pilot Helmut Sinn under the name “Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren” in Frankfurt am Main.
Initially, the company concentrated on the production of navigation clocks and aircraft chronographs. Accordingly, the brand quickly gained a great popularity, especially among the aviators. After all, Helmut Sinn had his aviation expertise incorporated into the design and production of watch models. In addition, the articles were not distributed through an intermediary but directly to the customer so that the products could be offered much cheaper than the competitors.

SINN special watches are regarded as an engineering brand and focus on precision and functionality. The latter is at the top of the production process, as according to today’s owner Dipl.-Ing. Lothar Schmidt says: “Products have to speak for themselves.”

For 20 years now, the watchmakers have been able to show a steady development of the products through their expertise and expertise. The powerful, mechanical timers are also consistently adapted from the design to the attributes of the functionality.
An important goal has always been to develop watches for special units such as the navy, police, pilots, divers and even astronauts. As a testimonial, the astronaut Klas Dietrich Flade flew through the universe in 1992 with the 142 S model. But the high-quality time knives also find their best use in everyday life.
The good quality and the unbeatable price-performance ratio quickly became among the watch enthusiasts around the world. The clear, appealing design of the time knives came to this end. SINN has therefore long been regarded as an “insider tip” in the professional world. The new developments and the constant motivation of the watchmakers of the manufactory led to a great product diversity. The range ranges from instrumental chronographs, diving watches and navigation clocks / stopwatches to classic ladies ‘and men’ s watches.
Particularly the specially developed functions of the brand. For example, special fog-free and mirror-free diving watches (Ar-dry retention technology and hydro technology) can be found with an extreme immersion depth. Chronometers are also equipped with a magnetic field protection or a clockwork protection by means of protective gas filling and a tegiment function is used to protect against scratches. In addition, special materials are used in housing processing such as, for example, submarine steel.
These and many other technologies are the hallmark of the SINN special watches and make them very special in the watch world.