New Lingerie Collection Gisele Bündchen

What woman doesn’t love a beautiful, sensual lingerie and quality? Choices in brands and models is that are out there. But one of them, which is already fairly consolidated in the market, is among the preferences of the brazilian woman. Hope, it wont do incredible partnerships creates models of underwear that make the jaw drop. Last year, it was announced a sophisticated and seductive collection, signed by none other than the top Gisele Bündchen. Quickly, the Brazilian Intimates line fell in the taste of women. Now, a  new collection of lingerie Gisele Bundchen, still with Hope, has just been released.

New lingeries Gisele Bündchen

The new lingeries Gisele Bundchen have been added to the collection Brazilian Intimates. According to Hope, the models were created by the very top model. In the video for the campaign, Gisele claims that loves sexy parts, for special moments. She also said that his choices for the line were based on their own needs. The lingeries have sophisticated details, and most basic, too sexy for comfort. Colors and special applications are present in the new collections. Check out some details, then.

Special lines of lingerie Gisele Bündchen

To access the official website of the  Brazilian lingerie Intimates, it is possible to meet the new and the old lines of Gisele Bündchen. Are eight sections of underwear: Python, Princess, Gold, Dandy, feline, Diva, Rococo and Wish. It’s hard not to like a product. All are extremely sophisticated and sensual, bringing details of materials, which make them the object of desire of all women. Among these, are Python and Princess lines news.

Python Line: bring the animal print trend, as the main bet. The colors chosen were the shades of Brown variants, as well as black and graphite. Income, in satin base, make the lingeries something extreme good taste and sophistication. There are four models of bras, panties and three a corset.

Princess Line: this line contains the colors pink, black and light blue. The Microfiber, associated with different applications, make the pieces very comfortable, elegance.There are three new models of bras, four knickers and a waspe. The remaining lines can be seen at our site: All the pieces are already for sale. In addition to the official website, the shops that sell products Hope are also selling the new pieces.