Multi-Color Ribbon LED Light Set

The Multicolor Led Ribbon Is Fun

You plan toorganize a festive evening at home to celebrate the birthday of your girlfriend. You thought the music and the sound system, but have you thought about light? Light is the most important after the music to set the mood. Thanks to the multicolor led Ribbon, you can create this atmosphere throughout the evening… an evening which will remain unforgettable.

The multicolor led Ribbon being sold with a remote control, you will be able to simulate a play of light custom that will be automatically adapted to the music. The effect is guaranteed with your guests!

Below you will find our selection of Ribbon multicolor led at HetongDIY:

Atmosphere Home with Multicolor Led Ribbon

You like to party and go out often at the Club to take it out on the dance floor? You would like to see this hot and festive atmosphere at home, at your home? Good news, this is possible through the Ribbon to multicolored leds. For not a sub, you’ll be able to equip your salon and transform it into a real dance floor.

The multicolor led Ribbon is the essential accessory to set fire to your evening. Girls particularly love the play of light. So, if you want that your girlfriends let go a bit during the long evening, think about the Ribbon multicolored leds. The latter will feel no doubt.

The colors red, green, blue, purple, and yellow… the multicolor led Ribbon is able to generate all sorts of atmospheres. The atmosphere hot and raunchy “so” sexy Red Yellow for ambience “funny”. Green for a futuristic setting of type Matrix. Flashing multicolored lights for a disco atmosphere (and Yes, it’s not just young people having fun, think you?).

Whatever atmosphere you’re looking to replicate it at home, the multicolor led Ribbon will be back you up all night… With the support of the remote control and the infrared receiver, you will have full control at every moment. As it is possible also to program cycles of light. Also, you want to save in advance of the cycles of fades from light to light change transitions smooth. Even better, thanks to the model presented above, the light will be able to it even to adapt to the music! What you give some respite to go flirt with the girls.

Where to Install a Multicolor Led Ribbon?

The multicolor led strips can be installed anywhere, on any smooth medium. On a wall, a ceiling, a table… and even more surprising in an aquarium, a water basin. Effect guarantee at the women! Need you to choose a waterproof multicolor led Ribbon. Most of multicolored leds Ribbons are automatically. To be sure, closely scrutinize the Ribbon. If the LEDs are covered with a kind of silicone, it’s that the Ribbon is tight and it can therefore be placed under water.

The multicolor led Ribbon can be installed permanently. Also, it will find its place in a false ceiling or in a niche in a wall of the House. The Visual rendering of the multicolor led Ribbon is even better when we don’t know the source of the light source.