Motorola Remains Committed to The Modules: This Time an External Battery That Draws on Solar Energy

Not only Motorola does not arise to abandon modules but that it is betting strongly for them. Safe from potential bike Mods and not only as an enhancer element of the functions of terminals but also as a source of income, the U.S. company announced in November last year its collaboration with IndieGoGo, crowd funding platform.

The goal of this collaboration was the of combine the ideas of independent developers to offer innovative proposals that would attract the interest of the users by bike Mods, ceasing to be simple “shells” to become elements of extreme importance in the final set of the terminal. Since then have appeared very interesting modules such as Moto Mico, which allows the load of using device solar light.

This module is the company Modularis Systems, who says that with this module we forget the problems posed run out of battery when we are not at home and especially in the street without access to power supplies.

This Mod bike is really an external battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh that is recharged with solar power. It will also be redundantemente modular, as the module itself is divided into so-called solar cells Snap Panels with a capacity of 1,100 mAh each, that we can remove and put depending on our needs at every moment.

Moto Mico is a module that is compatible with other devices that are not Motorola

On the other hand, the panels are equipped with connection USB-C, so they are not only compatible with the Moto Z, but also with any device to use this charging technology, so in a time of trouble we can give it to someone who has run out of battery.

Has already announced the project on IndieGoGo and begin with the collection starting from the February 5. About the price, although it has not yet been confirmed what will be the amount of output, it is estimated can be similar to the rest of bike Mods (between 80 and 300 dollars) and also the first 100 buyers will enjoy a discount.