Motorola Moto E4 Shows Signs of Life with The Double of Memory of The Bike E3 and Nougat

If we take a look at the catalogue of Motorola, the line absorbed by Lenovo who now recovered its original name, we find ourselves with terminals and first. Models that, in numbering, van a number below your G5 bike and who have now left some tracks of your existence and your future arrival.

Moto E4 has given signs of life and it has done so, as usual, passing by a certification authority. The FCC, commissioned to verify that everything is correct on a device before launching it in the West, tells us some things about this future Motorola Moto E4 which, without doubt, will continue to belong to the low ranges of Android, the also known as ranges of input.

Some information leaked about the Moto E4

With the number of model XT1762, this Motorola Moto E4 has passed by the FCC and has shown us, inter alia, that will have 16GB of internal storage. Moto G5 Plus half but twice its previous generation, shows that ranges evolve and so do in the bosom of Lenovo. If the internal memory is folded, will the RAM up to 2GB do so also? We do not know by now.

Other data we also know is that it will come with 4.2 Bluetooth, LTE and Wi-Fi 2, 4 GHz. It should not surprise us LTE data because we are more than used to see get this connectivity devices from several years ago. Just take a look at this data, four of every five sold terminals the past 2016 was a terminal with 4G. And the percentage will continue to grow until the 5G land in 2020.

New Bluetooth protocol, double the internal memory and battery than Moto E3. Unfortunately, none of the 5 GHz WiFi.

As for your battery, Moto E4 will land with 2800 mAh to power a device that we do not know either your screen or your processor, so it is impossible to assess what autonomy could offer us. That Yes, Android 7.0 Nougat cast us a hand when it comes to optimizing the consumption, but we do not have more information.

The last Moto E3 arose in midsummer but this step by the FCC makes us think that the Motorola Moto E4 could come and arrive before the year. We will be attentive to the information that reaches us in respect of this future Lenovo input within the Motorola line range.