Motorola Launches Your Smart Watch,the Bike 360

The manufacturer has launched in the United States the Bike 360, with new strategy to overcome Apple

New York-the manufacturer of mobile phones Motorola, recently acquired by the Chinese group Lenovo, launched on Friday a Smart Watch, the Bike 360, as part of a new strategy with the hope of overcoming the Apple .

The clock should start to be sold in the United States at 4:00 pm GMT (1:00 pm), according to a statement released on Thursday night.

Watch the bike 360, which uses Google’s Android operating platform Wear for portable technology, will sell from $249.99 to American customers and can be purchased in stores Google Play online or in the stores of the company Best Buy.

This Google Android device seems to Wear a watch band classic, with a round screen with a selection of different screens, as well as with traditional dials with needles.

But also allows you to receive notifications (weather alerts, traffic situation, delays in flights, etc.), send SMS or supervise physical activity or the heart rate with a pedometer and a heart monitor.

Also responds to voice commands and synchs with an Android phone.

Motorola promises versions with a metal bracelet “at the latest this fall” (the northern hemisphere) for $299.99.

The company also released improved versions of your flagship, the smartphone Moto X, and the appliance more simple Bike G.

  1. Goodbye, pointers

São Paulo – last week the Mobile World Congress served as a stage for announcements in the area of wearable technology. Smart Watches marked the fair. The Samsung introduced three of them. Two updates of the Galaxy Gear, plus a device that merges watches and bracelets. But they are not the only ones. Models with different characteristics can be found in the market. listed here the coolest smart watches that are already on sale or will hit stores this year. It’s time to stop taking the smartphone in your pocket.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung showed off the new version of Galaxy Gear. The first had been thrown in a character almost of urgency and came with some points that needed to be improved. The main one was the camera on the bracelet. Now she’s on the clock itself. This causes the bracelets can be exchanged, allowing the user to vary the color, a second version, the Galaxy Gear Neo, was released and comes without the camera. Sign that users might not make so much question that camera. Samsung also put new interesting features like the heart rate sensor on the back of the watch. A downside of the device is that it works only with a few Samsung appliances. If you are user of some other Android, forget it, he’s no good for you. Samsung hasn’t started selling new versions.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Fit

Another product that Samsung has shown at Mobile World Congress. The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a smart watch with bracelet. At first glance, your design is one of the most interesting of the current smart watches takes. The fabric is thin, vertical and curved, showing that it is possible to work with a clock without holding the traditional design of the times of pointers. As well as the Galaxy Gear, he has heart rate sensor on your back. Another similarity between the two is the lack of compatibility with other brands. He has not yet been released by Samsung.

  1. Sony Smartwatch clock 2

The Sony SmartWatch clock 2 is already on the market from 2013. One of his strengths is that, unlike Samsung’s watches, it is compatible with other brands. The only requirement is that smartphone to which it is connected is the Android system 4.2. Among its functions is read emails, text messages and social networks like Twitter or Facebook. It also shows who is calling, so you don’t have to take the phone out of your pocket. In Brazil, he leaves for about 1 199 reais.

  1. Pebble

The Pebble was created with funding from the Kickstarter site and is one of the biggest hits of the collective funding site. At the beginning, the creators asked for 100,000 dollars. In the end, managed to raise more than $10 million. In January this year, the company showed at CES in Las Vegas, the clock update. In addition to the normal version, they showed the Pebble Steel. With steel and leather bracelets, the version is more refined than the original. One of the main advantages is that by being made by an independent manufacturer, he works with both Android smartphones and iPhones. Another very good point is the digital ink screen. It does not emit light as the previous watches.

  1. Qualcomm Toq

The Toq was created by Qualcomm, a maker of chips. According to the company, the goal is to show how smart watches market can be exploited. Running a version of Android, he can connect to smartphones with Google’s system. His screen is using a technology called Mirasol. She is a kind of digital ink, as well as the Pebble, but colorful. He has a good taste, without much exaggeration. His screen is 1.55 inches. It costs 250 dollars in the United States.

  1. Cookoo

As well as the Pebble, the Cookoo was financed by Kickstarter platform. A really nice watch, he doesn’t try to break with such strength in tradition. Brings analog pointers and bottom dials that indicate whether calls, messages or emails were received. Before it was only compatible with Apple’s devices. iPhones from the 4s and iPads since the third generation. Now, however, he works with some (few) devices using Android. The Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 and the HTC One are the only ones who connect with the Cookoo. It costs $130 in the United States.

  1. Martian

More a hybrid analog clock and digital functions. The time is displayed by traditional pointers. At the same time, however, he is able to connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone running Android or iOS. It comes with voice commands. The user can talk on the phone by the clock (as strange as that may be). The manufacturer has several models, which gives enough option to whoever wants to buy. His price is from 249 dollars in the United States.

  1. MetaWatch

The MetaWatch is a manufacturer who is playing with two different models. The Strata and Frame (in the photo). Both have the same functions. The difference is only visual. Strata is more basic and less elegant than the Frame, which in your time is a great watch and much better finished. They are able to pull the iPhone notifications, show the weather forecast and how shares of the stock market are going. You can also control music without taking your phone out of your pocket, something practical. The Strata goes for $179 and Frame for $229, both for sale in the United States.

  1. Omate TrueSmart

The Omate knows where hitting your competitors. The company will launch your smart watch even in 2014. According to her, the watch is truly intelligent. The challenge comes in the sense that he doesn’t need a smartphone to work. He is able to work independently, make calls and receive messages without being tied to a cell phone. He was financed by Kickstarter. The request was for $100,000, but the company was able to collect more than 1 million to create the product. To use the internet, it will come with a card slot with 3 g connection and also have room for microSD cards for data storage. He is in pre-order in the United States, for $249.

  1. Wellograph

One more for the list of releases for this year, the Wellograph has been creating expectation. Your design is extremely elegant and their functions go beyond average presented by the devices so far. The Wellograph is the exact mix of smart watch with bracelet. He will drive and monitor heart rate. He will make reports that can be found in applications for Android and iOS. In them, the user can view your daily, weekly, or monthly drive. Compare the calorie-burning exercise or simply daily drive in well made graphics. The product launch is scheduled for the second half of this year.

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