Moto X Appears in a Filtered Image and Reveals Its Main Features

Lenovo plans to the Moto line, which could regain its original name after all, continue. A few weeks ago we attended the presentation of the new G5 Moto and Moto G5 Plus and the following on your list you already foreseen in the future of the company. Beyond the Fund, preceded by a cloud of dust, look come the future Moto X 2017.

Another oldest line of Motorola from its purchase by Google that is still alive, a Moto X at the time disappointed by expected with superior specifications and which took in the G bike perhaps its biggest problem, as the middle range of Motorola eclipsed completely to the top model. The generation of this year at a similar risk, the of being buried between Moto Ges and Moto Zetas. Let’s see what tells This latest filtration about them.

A pure middle range with dual camera

We had already read something about the dual camera that shows the future Moto X 2017, and in the new filtered image again to appreciate the double lens on the back of the device. The Moto line pointing to the trend of incorporating two eyes back to smartphones, We will see what use they have to choose: from optical zoom up to pictures in 3D.

Next to filtered photography have also reached several of its key specifications, such as the fact that will carry a Snapdragon 625, a chip of middle range of Qualcomm that has curiously been already overtaken by the 626 Snapdragon, but is not the latest version that we see inside this Moto X 2017. For the memories we will have a minimum of two options, and more to see which variants.

Motorola Moto “X 2017” XT180x “Sanders” codename: Snapdragon 625, 3 / 4 GB RAM, 32 / 64 GB ROM. 13MP camera (don ‘ not know if cam sensor same second)

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) April 2, 2017

In the specifications that have come to light we have 3 and 4 GB for RAM and 32 and 64 GB internal storage. Following the logic of previous versions of Lenovo mobile, It can be before three pairs of devices: 3/32, 4/32, 4/64. But these figures guarantee us a minimum of two couples: 3/32 and 4/64. We assume, although not shown, that will have microSD to expand internal memory.

We closed the list of features of this future Moto X 2017, also known internally as Sanders or XT180x by their model number, with the camera. Or cameras, because we speak of two rear 13 megapixel sensors without more information about models of sensor, apertures or stabilization. Nor do we know nothing of the front-facing camera, which can be 8MP, or your battery.

It only remains to wait for more and more data from Moto X 2017 continue appearing as approaching the still unknown date of presentation. What we do know, thanks to a change of strategy from Lenovo, it seems that Moto X 2017 will not be by Lenovo but a Motorola Moto X 2017 in all rule. Motorola has become.