More than 3 Million of Iphone 5C are Stranded

A survey released this week indicates that the iPhone 5 c stocks are accumulating between the suppliers and partners of Apple’s sales, while the demand for appliance below than expected.

According to the website Digitimes, more than 3 million iPhone devices 5 c await buyers. Of these, 2 million are stocked in the warehouses of the Pegatron (a Chinese production lines used by Apple) and another 1 million are dusty in deposits of carriers and resellers.

However, even with this scenario there is no signage from Apple in reducing the price of the iPhone 5 c.

“Due to contracts with Apple and high purchase prices, most carriers and resellers cannot offer significant reductions in the price of the device,” says the site.

Currently, in the United States, the iPhone 5 c can be found from $ $99 (16 GB model) under contract with carriers or from $ $549 (16 GB) unlocked version.

Seen as a low-cost device from Apple, the iPhone 5 c was never officially labeled a smartphone with iOS cheap and their prices show it. But this is no longer an option for those who wish to have a new iPhone and more.

To listen experts by Digitimes are many reasons for the iPhoen 5 c has not been as successful. The high price for a model with 4-inch screen and the Apple’s strategic error in maintaining this pattern may be one of the main reasons for the low demand by the appliance.

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