Modern Wedding Dresses: Photos and Models

For women original personality or cool, who plan to walk down the aisle soon, and are still in doubt as to the dress to wear on the big day, a great tip is to invest in a more modern model; what promises to be one of the great fashion trends brides.

Much seen, mainly in the international catwalks, the modern wedding dresses fell into the graces of the designers, who have bet strong on these models. Exclusive, they are ideal to give a touch more than present at wedding ceremony and leave the radiant bride and quite stylish.

The modern wedding dress can be defined as a template that brings some unusual detail and bold in your composition. That can be a different court, mix of textures and fabrics, handles worked or even different accessories.

With simple moulds more than other styles, the modern wedding dress are perfect to escape a bit of common sense and fall right into bolder and wanting to venture into a custom template.

For the modern wedding dresses at Weddinginfashion the next few seasons, they arrive to surprise and delight. The designers are betting on many models with modern, but barred the top classic and simple; floral applications
on the handle; asymmetric applications made with the very fabric of the dress;embroidery and tulle applications in modern version, using fabrics and precious stones in different colors, especially black. In addition to cuts and seams that present game of fabrics, textures and shapes in a single dress.

Brides more minimalist may opt for simple wedding dress and straight, with details of ruffles of tissue in the shoulder or with discreet and charming belt to mark well the waist.

The modern wedding dress model with a shoulder just also will make success, where the handle is made with geometric folds and pleats are located from the bust. Another sensation is all worked wedding dress with a printed fabric, a detail that can come on the back of the dress or in front of other applications.