Mobile Laptop

For moms riding outfit recommend that include in the list a mobile laptop or mobile to cart.

Mobile Laptop

Worth much more than the crib mobile. If you want to invest in one, opt for the portable.

I say this because neither took the crib mobile that was da Bruna and the Cabinet of cart have used daily. For me the cradle place of sleep and not playing. And the sooner you join the crib to sleep better!

The cool of the mobile stand is that he is an arch with 2 claws that you can hold not only on the cart but in Moses, the baby comfort, the Chair or anywhere you have where attaching the hook. So I take it where I’m going with the Manu.

Is a great hobby for the baby in the first few months phase. First to eye contact, and then to touch. So my tip is to choose a model with strong, vibrant colors and with any element that has mirror and music.

The model I have is the Tiny Love and bought the first time I have been stockpiled by the site of Albee Baby and was super cheap. Anyone who wants to see what model do-right click HERE. What I like in this model is that the arc is articulated then bends and adapts to any space. And also how to have handles to hold the bugs, you can hang other toys I have at home for a change.

Manu loves watching and this week is already rehearsing catch the bugs with your hands!

It’s pretty easy to find in the United States, but here in Brazil several children’s stores sell Tiny Love. If you do not have exactly this model for sure will have similar ones.

Super recommend!