Mix of Bracelets

A concept of “everything together and mixed” applied to fashion that bears the name of Arm Party, which basically consists in mixing various textures and colors of bracelets in one arm, or maybe in two, but an amount to be harmonious, without the pretence of weight in the arm.

How To Use?

Is not very difficult to separate the bracelets and try more colors combine with each other, forgetting a little the trend that the colors should be similar, but yes, interesting contrasts that leave the arm assigned with the adorner. The sizes of the bracelets vary according to TECHNOLOGY-WIKI.COM, and use very thick bracelets can let visual a bit much, unless the stay combined with several thick bracelet bracelets thinner in order to mix the colors. The most watched are the thin straps combined with watches, which can be colored or not, combined the bracelets with different textures like pendant, current applications, and drawings.

Certain Events

For events during the day, in the case of College, work or walk, the ideal is to abuse the colors and shapes of the bracelets, nocturnal events like nightclubs and parties can use glitter, gold and silver bracelets combined that clock with similar color. Beads bracelets and leather can also be mixed with visual, being able to combine colors like blue, pink, green and yellow, in one arm, if you want to decorate the two arms, try not to let the contrasting colours between the two arms, using similar colours to use on both.
The initial idea of the Arm, is that the visual the clothes be the basics needed for the bracelets give a touch more festive and relaxed on the look, in other words, if the requested of the day is a t-shirt, jeans and jacket, take advantage to put the bracelets, and if the day is a mini skirt, shirt and jacket, roll up your sleeves of the blazer and show the bracelets and may also put some interesting rings to complement the visual, and it was only fair in a well composed than nails painted in the colors of the trend of the season.