Microsoft Office for Android Tablets

The  Microsoft    finally released the stable version of your package  Office   for tablets  Android . There was already a preview version available for download, but now the news can be downloaded to Google Play  by any user without the need to perform any type of tester registration.

Microsoft’s suite of apps is no longer a”suite” in the Robot platform, and the company has separately launched Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for free download.

However, anyone wishing to have the most advanced features of these three apps will have to sign in with a Microsoft Account that is linked to an Office 365 subscription. Even without this, you can edit, save, and read documents without any major issues.


In November last year, when the p review version of Office for Android tablets was released, more than 250,000 people downloaded it in a few days. In the iPad , where the suite arrived in stable version soon of face, were more than 80 million. With the apps released globally on Google Play since yesterday, the ratings are being very positive, with all three tools rated 4.2 stars or more.
You can download Android , Word , Excel, and PowerPoint versions of these tablets through these links and see how the tools are working on Google’s mobile platform . The strangest thing of all, though, is that Windows itself  does not even have an Office version optimized for touch screens. Is Microsoft preparing something special or is it just stalling?