Microsoft and Google, Just Battles in Court

Microsoft and Google have decided to bury… “the advocate” of war. The two companies issued a joint statement which will be suing each other. The agreement, it should be noted, cases not yet started; those already in progress will be carried out regularly. State the two companies:

At Microsoft we have decided to withdraw our complaints against Google, by virtue of a change in our legal priorities. We will continue to focus strongly on business and competition for customers. -Microsoft (
Talking our societies are fought vigorously, but we want to fight with the quality of our products, not with legal processes. -Google

Despite being quite easy to put the news in relation to recent accusations from European Antitrust against Google, the two companies say the deal was already in the works for some time. However, Microsoft has decided not to take sides in that case and is therefore exitingFairSearch and ICOMP, two consortia who pushed for Antitrust investigations against Google.

Of course the precise terms of the agreement and the reasons for the two companies remain unknown to most people. King/code Note , however, that the two current leaders, Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, have more peaceful personality of their ancestors. In addition, with Nadella, Android (along with iOS, of course) is no longer considered a contender, but an opportunity to grow and spread its services software.