Men’s Winter Fashion

With the arrival of the coldest time of the year, the men’s winter winter season begins to gain prominence in the streets and shops of cities where the heat usually gives a truce in this period, when autumn begins.

To protect themselves from the typical cold of autumn and winter, the clothes worn during these seasons are usually heavier and darker in color.In the case of the 2015 fashion for men, the trends for this period bear references to the past, especially to the 1990s.

The geek style, marked by clothes with fun and nostalgic details from ruizesolar, is also one of the bets for the two colder seasons, as well as the pieces that mix references to rock and western, adored by many men.

Men’s winter fashion 2015

Among the trends of men’s fashion for the winter of 2015, it is also worth betting on the red and black looks, which represent passion and love, a vibrant and classic combination that can appear in different types of pieces.

Speaking of parts, a typical dress of the coldest time of the year, the jacket, arrives again with full force, since it never goes out of style.Leather jacket, Safari, Bomber, Coat, Jeans and with details in hair, among others, return to be part of the daily life of many men, especially in the cities where the cold wind becomes more present.

For those locations where the cold is greatest, shaggy jackets, made of wool and other materials, also come as an interesting alternative, making a perfect match with different styles.The overcoat may also appear as an option.

And since the most elegant look is usually successful in the fall/winter, the blazer is another important part that helps to create more refined styles, and can be used on different occasions, especially at night time.

Other bets for the winter men’s fashion 2015

The jeanswear and chess combination is also among the bets of the winter fashion 2015 for men, as it appears as an option for almost any time of day or night and for the most varied occasions.One of the winter classics, chess can appear on shirts, jackets, pants and other pieces.

With regard to men’s accessories for winter, items that can not be missing in the wardrobe for use in the cold season, are scarves, hats and hats, which combine with various styles and yet increase elegance.