Men’s Wallets: a Guide to the Perfect Match!

Every man needs good accessories to stay stylish, it is part of any modern man’s guideline when it comes to getting well on tape. And one of the items that most lack the bearded, and even the smooth guys, are the wallets. Often seen only as a necessary tool for saving documents and other important things, few know that it can be a very important element in the visual. The men’s wallets add a good deal of class and elegance precisely because they are subtle.

So let’s show you in detail how well you can style your look through the wallets, using a combination bose for various environments.Of course you do not have to have multiple wallets, although it’s a good idea to at least have more than one model, but we get there.

Let’s start with the basics.

What defines the men’s wallets?

The answer is even easy, young man.Portfolios serve exactly what we said above, to store documents, money and other important items.But the material, the size of the wallet, its design … These are the features that will help you choose an excellent model to integrate your look well

Not choosing just for practicality is a good way to start thinking of it as a visual asset.The great secret that they are more than a tool is precisely the fact that it appears a few times.

Having a stylish and matching men’s wallet with your look is the subtle way to show that you care about your personal care at the most subtle levels.And even if you do it just for yourself, those who perceive this detail will give you that bit of respect.

With that well established, let’s work out some good combinations of wallets with your favorite clothes, to literally give that stylish bag wherever you go.

Combining the Wallet with other accessories

As it is a practically obligatory item, the wallet can have an even more interesting use if you combine it with other regular accessories of your collection.And if you still do not use other accessories, it’s a good idea to consider them.

Believe me, a man who knows how to use these tools is right up front when it comes to attracting attention in a positive way.Just take a look how well you can wear the men’s accessories.What is not lacking are good tips to integrate each of the pieces.

Here, we will focus the wallet.Let’s look at some examples.

Rings- In general, your wallet needs to follow an opposite line with the rings.This means that if your rings are flashy and a bit too pompous, it is best to seek a more modest wallet to generate that balance.Now, if you have a simpler ring, as part of a whole, it may be interesting to explore more attractive wallets.After all, as it will appear little, the moments will be remarkable.

Bracelets- Bracelets are true jokers when it comes to visuals, and matching the wallet is no different.Be free to choose the wallet model you wish to match with the bracelets.The secret here is to make a more generalized combination with the other accessories, since they are equally related to the whole set.

Watches – If the bracelets can be versatile as to their types and uses, the same can not be said of the watches.However, as we talked about in our article on accessories , you do not need a wallet that matches the watch, but rather the reverse.Choose the right model for your wallet, and always be stylish.

Belts – Belts have an obligation to match well with the wallets.They add a touch of class and common sense when they have the same details, and further highlight that concern with the details we talked about earlier.A good belt with a wallet of the same texture or color can be accurate when it comes to attracting attention.

Pendant – It is something more difficult to combine given the distance and the completely opposite uses between the accessories.The ideal is to seek a combination of the whole, since pendants and laces are a more personal manifestation of style than the necessary utility of the wallet.

Which wallets do you use for each moment?

Now that we have seen the latent potential of the wallets along with other accessories, let’s look at the essential models for each type of suit.Remember that the goal here is to direct the overall look, making the portfolio even more interesting because it’s part of the set, not a separate tool.

As a reference, we will use the beautiful models of wallets of DiBentto, one of the references in the Brazilian market when it comes to men’s wallets and decoration in general.You will realize just what we are talking about.

Perfect outfits for every wallet

For the Executive Beard

They are guys who look good even in those more traditional clothes in the business environment, with suits, ties, social shirts, etc.Here, by label, one should follow a well-defined pattern so as not to be reputed as “misfit”.Therefore, the best choice of men’s wallet is one that follows the same pattern of clothing.The Tri Pocket Black is a perfect suggestion for this moment.

For the discreet bearded

These are the young and experienced who seek simplicity in clothing, even if they are within the fashion trends.Barbudos of this type usually use few accessories, restricting themselves to one or two, and even these usually have more practical function in the visual than that aesthetic – like belts and watches, for example.So choose wallets that exactly match these accessories.

For the bearded sportsman

Practicality is the word that defines bearded of this type. They are always active, so your clothes need to keep up with this pace if you want to be always stylish, without that sloppy appearance due to constant movement. In these cases, their male wallets need to bring this practicality, especially if they are practitioners of more intense or risky physical activities. A biker black is a wallet tip to invest.

For the flashy bearded

These are the bearded ones who like to show that they are not afraid of daring, that they look for trends in men’s fashion and go beyond, and the same refers to other details such as their hairstyle and beard itself.For these guys, the wallet options may be the paraffin-wrapped Biker, versatile with virtually any type of look;or the Slim Instant coffee, full of features.Or any other same – bearded people who defy themselves with the visuals hardly stick to standardizations.

For the most bearded bearded

They are guys who like to show something different in the visual, but without so many extravagances.These yes follow the masculine tendencies, but they keep a good dose of personality, always looking for a thematic that shows their characteristics before they even present themselves.A good hint of wallet for these guys is the Biker Vintage Single Pocket, for being simpler and at the same time getting off the curve of the other models.

Extra tips for having a good wallet in your pants pocket, jacket …

It is not enough just to choose any male wallets: you must take good care and have appropriate uses to ensure their integrity for a long time.After all, male wallets are costly accessories like any other item.

Do not sit on the wallet – And no use saying no, young man.Every minimalist face that does not use other accessories to hold the wallet commonly puts it in the back pocket of the pants or shorts.The result is that in addition to risking breaking cards and other items of importance, you can knead your wallet a lot, and thereby lower your quality.

In these cases, it is best to choose a smaller model that fits in other pockets, or have specific places to store it.I assure you that it is no good to be disheveled when sitting on the desk, if you understand me.

Do not expose too much – The secret of using a good male wallet is just not showing it all the time.I know you probably do not do this, young man, but it’s good to seek the utmost of discretion, even for safety.And when you save at home, opt for really safe places, to keep the quality of an accessory as important as this for longer.

Keep your wallet neatly organized – Men’s wallets are no longer a place where clutter can prevail in unbelievable ways.And that’s not cool if you seek to be a bearded guy with them.Therefore, clearly delimit the spaces available for each of the items, so that everything is in its proper places.

The men’s wallets can be very good for your look if they are well chosen and used along with other accessories and costumes.You have a lot to gain from them, especially if you choose models of quality and elegance like DiBentto.Be sure to post your questions and become more stylish, young man!To the next!

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