Meet the Best Bracelets and Fitness Watches Now

From 2014, we are tracking the incorporation of fitness to mobile devices, whether in the form of applications, bracelets or watches. We decided to separate the smartbands and the smartwacthes you can find or import to Brazil and that meet the users who seek to have a differentiated experience with these gadgets.

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Fitness bracelets

MI Band 2

My Band is a fitness bracelet quite popular among users due to your value accessible. The first generation was marketed by Xiaomi in Brazil with the suggested retail price of R$99, but with the end of the company’s activities here, anyone interested by the second generation of the gadget will have to resort to import. The Mi Band 2 can be found for about $20 in Chinese online stores, which gives approximately R $68 free of charge, shipping and taxes.

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The bracelet is compact and has a display in your top. Still has a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer and compatibility with Android and iOS. The application that manages the data collected by the E Band is one of the most complete in the market.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

The design of the Gear Fit2 closely follows the first version, released in 2014, but has even more elegant look. The trademark of Samsung smartband is the screen rectangle and curve, which now follows the lines of the bracelet with more smoothness.

Inside, the Gear Fit 2 account with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 4 GB of storage. All these features ensure greater autonomy to the accessory, causing the Gear Fit 2 is not dependent on the smartphone at various times. You can write the routes made when the bracelet is not paired, as well as playback of music, which works independently.

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The strengths of the gadget is not dependency of the smartphone in a few moments, like the option of listening to music, which is only possible due to the internal storage of 4 GB. If you like to practice physical activities, and want to see away from the smartphone, in this sense, GearFit 2 is a good companion. Fortunately, the Fit 2 is sold in Brazil, and can be found by the average price of R $1000.

Sony SmartBand

The SmartBand, from Sony, it’s not a new bracelet, but you can easily find it for sale on various online stores. It was released along with the Xperia Z2 and still meets well users who want an efficient physical activity monitor. She also has a loose sensor called Core, for motion control and health data, which also serves for the interaction with our smartphone-music control, notifications, etc.

The pairing can be done by Bluetooth or by the NFC technology, both integrated into the bracelet. Its battery lasts up to 5 days. Sony’s bracelet has IP58 certification which makes it water resistant.

Garmin Vivofit 2

The strap the Garmin fitness has great differentials in relation to other bracelets of this selection. First, the manufacturer promises up to one year of life for the battery, in addition to the data collector software Vivofit 2 be compatible with computers, that is, you can access your data or the historical heart of exercises performed directly from your PC or Mac.

The bracelet has all of the features, such as patterns and steps calorie meter, heart rate monitor and monitoring of sleep. The Vivofit costs approximately R $299, and can be found in various online stores and physical stores.

Jawbone UP 24

To UP 24, Jawbone, is a bracelet that fitness has one of the best apps to manage user exercises, as well as the Life of Sony Log. The visual of the bracelet is very interesting, especially for your modern and compact, that can be developed because of the lack of a screen.

The Jawbone UP 24 is internationally known for your precision, being one of the most accurate when it comes to the registration information of the users. Battery life of UP 24 is approximately 10 days, which is a great brand. It is not found in the domestic market, since only the first generation, the bracelet UP 1, is officially sold here. Those interested for UP 24 need resort to importation in Chinese online stores.

Fitness SmartWatches

360 Sport bike

The 360 Sport Bike has good differentials in relation to its competitors, as the hybrid AnyLight screen and support for Wi-Fi. Water resistance is also an interesting item (and required) in the model, since the clock is for the public to practice physical activities.

If you are thinking about entering the world of smartwatches, the 360 Sport Bike can be a good choice, since the smart watch from Motorola is complete in terms of software, hardware and sensors. The battery from the Bike 360 Sport has 300 mAh, able to hold out until a day and a half of moderate use. The Bike 360 has GPS, heart rate sensor, pedometer and accelerometer.

Samsung S3 Gear

A few smartwatches are as complete as the Gear S3. Here we have GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer. Wi-Fi makes the watch even more independent of the smartphone, because the data is synchronized with the Gear S3 even when there is no established connection with the device.

The barometer is the highlight here, since that sensor makes the results of climate and air pressure even more accurate. The user can have a better control of climate information, including climate change. As well as the Gear Fit 2 and the two versions of the Gear S2, the Samsung uses the Citizen as operating system on S3 Gear line. According to the company, there are 10000 apps for Samsung’s smartwatches platform.

You use any bracelet or watch fitness? Which of these options from our list you have used or would use?

The purpose of this article is to bring together in one place all indications of fitness watches and bracelets. In this way, the update and republish this matter will be necessary over time.