Meat Free Monday T Shirts

You can be environmentally sustainable, sensitive to the planet and trendy? Of course you do! Meat Free Monday, the nonprofit founded by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney to promote the renouncing of meat at least one day a week, launching two models of t-shirts with the inscription of the countryside and a collage of photos of Linda McCartney. To be ordered for ? All we need is love …

Meat Free Monday launched two super cool t-shirt designed by Stella McCartney. The shirts will help to support the not-for-profit international campaign promotes the renouncing of meat for at least one day a week, founded by the legendary Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella, fashion designer, and Mary, a photographer.

The project is already cult. And the reason is obvious: the shirts are trendy, environmentally sustainable and have the approval of the great Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney.

In addition, they are good for the environment! The Postcard template, with a collage of photos of Linda McCartney, wife of former Beatle, made between the years 60 (Yes, just the times when you are in love with the bass player of the Fab Four) and 90 years, is totally sustainable. At the Center, the words “I love you” was taken from the inscription that appears in an old photo of Linda. All we need is love …

If you prefer the style black & white, you’ll love the t-shirt called Neon, with the Meat Free Monday campaign logo and a heart. “I am very happy with this new project,” said Paul McCartney, “T-Shirt is wonderful and it’s a way to give further visibility to the Association”. Both jerseys were designed by Star exclusively for this campaign and you can pre-order on the website.

Navigating to go shopping, you’ll find a lot of information about the Meat Free Monday campaign and environmental impact after their herds of cattle, responsible for 14.5% of world greenhouse gas emissions. Just give up meat just one day a week to save the planet!