Maxi Beads: to Use and Abuse!

Fashion, fashion, fashion talk sets too! The girls love the Luxury feeling love, and even for men is an excellent guess for them to stay vigilant on what’s going on in the feminine universe and predict full gifts for loved ones!

Our palpiteco the day promises to give an “up” in visual. Surely you have heard and many, they’re using and abusing maxi necklace from (when the fashion handle is hard to escape!). It’s amazing how the production enriches and this story is not of today… the Maxi Paste was used by the main character of the film breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961, to give even more prominence to the little black dress.

The trend started a few seasons and promises to continue for a long time. Has models for all tastes and occasions. The Maxi Paste can be present in productions for the day and also at night, since a happy hour to a famous party.

Our dear reader Fernanda Felice de Mello showed their artistic skills in the production of Maxi necklaces and we love (turned Luxury guess!). Fernanda has a degree in plastic arts, super creative and has an extreme good taste. Besides the necklaces she also makes the Shambalas bracelets, all toooo many gorgeous!