Mate S Is A Smartphone Of The Noble Class

The Huawei Mate S looks fantastic and is quality down to the smallest detail. Whether it reaches highest technical level, has tested.

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei is working step by step to the top of the Smartphone manufacturer. His stated goal is to become the number 1 and the Ascend Mate 7 or the P8 ‘s troubles already very near the big players in the industry on the fur. Now has Huawei S presented to the mate, looks like a mixture of both devices at the IFA in Berlin, but ultimately represent a class for itself. If this is successful, tried.

Already the P8 could be seen, but the mate of S is an optical treat. The matte aluminum enclosure with cut edges and slightly convex back looks great. The cut-outs for the antennas are much thinner than when the iPhone 6 and inserted so clean that they are unlikely to feel with the fingers. Also perfectly volume rocker and single switch sitting in part. A display glass curved at the edges easily completes the high quality impression of the mate S down.

Great, but handy

The device not only feels good, it’s also still handy, despite a 5.5-inch screen, it measures only 149.8 x 75.3 x 7,2 mm. For comparison, the iPhone 6 plus comes with same display size on 158,1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm. Huawei’s designer did a great job, even though they obviously have an eye on the HTC M9 in. The mate of S is a Smartphone of the noble class.

Design and processing are only half the battle, what has the mate S technically on the box? Let’s start with the screen. In contrast to the displays of the Android competition cars it contents itself with a full HD resolution. This is sufficient, but for a pixel density of 401 ppi and the eye sees no screens to higher dissolving relevant difference. In all other areas, the AMOLED Panel of the mate S is lace. It offers crisp contrasts, brilliant colors and is easy to read from the side even at extreme angles. By a slight blue tint, it seems somewhat cold, but that’s no problem: Huawei gives you in its smartphones, to choose the color temperature settings.

Brilliant Display, An Acceptable Battery

The display of the mate S can shine bright, but that mostly prevents quite well working automatic control. Good thing, because for the chic, flat design Huawei has made compromise on battery capacity. With 2700 mAh, the mate of S is not a marathon runner as the Ascend Mate 7. However, is not a coward. Average use decreases the display even on longer days until bedtime barely below 30 percent. Users who constantly check out Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook, work out your YouTube subscriptions and snap at every opportunity, should use however the extensive power saving options, which UI provides motion Huawei’s user interface. The term as compared to the first few days improved significantly during the roughly three-week trial, a total the device in this discipline did not disappoint.

Through the slightly bulbous rear, the device looks even thinner than it already is.(Photo: kwe)

With regard to the performance, is all in the green zone at the mate S otherwise. The 8-core processor although no benchmark master, but done with 3 gigabytes of memory effortlessly more sophisticated tasks. Only in very elaborate games one notices something the effort he and the back heats up significantly. The internal memory of the standard model is sufficient with 32 gigabytes, because the sled for the Nano-SIM takes a microSD card, which may have a capacity of up to 128 gigabytes.

Class Fingerprint Scanner

High praise earned Huawei for the fingerprint scanner on the back. He reacts very quickly and accurately, and sits directly under the camera just right. No matter which hand held the unit, the index finger immediately takes the square sensor. His most important job is the safe unlock, but the scanner has other talents. You can use him as a touchpad and scroll through photos, for example, take calls or pull down the notification bar. The sensor as a trigger for Selfies is very useful.

The re-camera of the mate S corresponds to the P8 and therefore must be discussed. She’s in the 16:9-format images with 10 mega pixels, 4:3-format 13 megapixels. It has its own photo processor, is fast and in low light conditions very far forward. It has an optical image stabilizer and is able to make beautiful close-ups. Additional functions such as long term exposures with “Light painting” fallen also. Class is also the Selfie camera with Aperture f/2.4 on the front, which has bought an own Flash Huawei in the mate of S. At a short distance, more than respectable self-portraits are possible so actually in all light conditions.

Good Sound, Opinionated Software

Huawei has taken S at the mate to a good sound. The mono speaker below right is very loud and delivers a very powerful sound for smartphones. When calling, both participants hear clearly and significantly, disturbing noise hardly. For the optimal absorption of conversations, the device has three microphones. The recorder app offers special modes that’s appropriate use the microphones of the situation besides a normal mode for meetings and interviews.

Even if it looks: the mate of S has no stereo speakers.

The UI emotion UI 3.1 optically succeeded and offers some nice and useful tools. Right up front, the phone manager is here to name a few, the user can optimize memory, system or power consumption among other things easily. Attention: Who uses Messenger, E-Mail or news apps from third-party, must ensure that they may continue as “Protected apps” in the background, when the display is turned off. Otherwise messages are neither obtained nor pushed.

When Are Updates The Coming?

Who changes from another Android device, must get used only on the properties acquired by Apple’s iOS. So there is no app collection, all applications are distributed across the home screens. Cute, but not necessarily the knuckles gestures are for everyone. So, users can turn on, for example, the screen by pressing call waiting or open applications by painting an associated letter with the ankle on the touch screen.

With regard to the software, Huawei in the past a great weakness showed: Android updates come very late or not at all. Lollipop (Android 5), for example, still waiting for the over a year-old Ascend Mate 7. Huawei is maybe waiting on Android 6 (Marshmallow) because here is an interface for fingerprint sensors integrated. On September 29 it will introduce Google, then also the update clock for the brand new device that comes with Android 5.1 is ticking.

Quality Has Its Price

The bottom line an excellent and high-quality Smartphone is managed with the mate S Huawei, visually and functionally able to convince and offers a great camera equipment. The device does not have real weaknesses, a slightly thicker midsection for a larger battery would have hurt him however. And: A price-blockbuster like its predecessors is the mate S not. Huawei also closes to Samsung & co. for the 32-gigabyte model has a MSRP of 649 euros. The device should come shortly in the trade.

Also a mate S with 128 gigabytes of memory and force-touch display in Berlin have shown the Chinese, it should only be available in the coming year. It is questionable whether it is worth waiting for. The function scope is clearly smaller than Apple’s 3D-Touch-Technologie, which is used in theiPhone 6s.