Marko Beck: Channel Fishing Reloaded

Marco Beck is one of the best Coarse fishing in Germany. On his DVD “Channel fishing reloaded”, he shows how to clear off to humdrum waterways in the seeding…

“Small fish are easy to catch, many small fishes to catch can be pretty tricky, however,”. Just when the larger fish don’t want to bite a network of full of small fish is a very good option. Marco Beck is one of the best and most popular Coarse fishing in Germany via Sportingology. He has participated in numerous world and European Championships, and just when it comes to collect plenty of fish quickly and precisely his comrades often have left.

We were with Marco Beck on different channels and have let us show how shortened by the perch, Roach and bream in the deeper water near the shore can catch technically perfect very many fish with the telescopic pole rod, the long head rod with a short line and the short head rod up to the bleak on the surface on the full length of the rod. The correct feed through the montages, optimal space build up perfect Angel rhythm. Marco Beck shows how, what matters and how to catch even the bonus fish with in addition to many small fish.