Makeup Tips for Winter

Winter is coming with a vengeance and with it new trends in the fashion world are starting to take care of the walkways and the streets.

And not just in dress that the fanciest of the year station interferes not, she also brings color trends and nuances in the makeup suggestion.
We broke into the backstage of fashion weeks in Rio and São Paulo and elect the makes you even more beautiful and modern this season so glamorous!
1. Eyes Marked In Black

The dramatic gains strength even in the daytime. Bet on an effect a little blurry. Outline the eyes with a creamy pencil and esfumace with brush”
2. Pale Mouth

This will be a winter of contrasts bright colors with dark, warm with cold “This is great news for those who prefer a minimalist lok and not opening the lipstick color of mouth, pink and beige. “But the lipsticks are matte tone season, used without gloss over. The brightness is just the natural product a touch more opaque is essential.
3. Dark Mouth

Democratic, the winter allows you to select the eyes and the mouth. “The Red stays, but dispute space with the eggplant, grape and black, for the most daring. But don’t miss the dose during the day, apply only one layer. At night, tom”
4. Natural Fur

The arsenal to maintain beautiful skin in winter is composed of a few (but good!) liquid concealer items, lightweight opaque base and a minimum of blush. “It appears more to contour the skin than to mark cheek. The result is pure sophistication”
5. Lilac In The Mouth Or Eyes

I love lilac and lavender”.And actually these are the colors that resurfaced in garments by pairing with black and gray. “The tone in makeup is feminine and looks great in the eyes or mouth. But never used in the two regions at the same time”
6. Eyeliner

NET version remains steadfast and strong. This winter, it can be used across the eyelid or just in the corner of the eyes — in this case, partners with creamy pencil, which creates a dash more thick and easy to be smoky. “Beyond the black, green and graphite will make success”.

Well now you’ve got atenada in colors that will make success in winter can dare ai on your House and risk good strokes to produce for the Ballad of the weekend!