Makeup for Night

The makeup for night must be made with great care and attention, to get a perfect night and impeccable production you need a good makeup for night to level at any time. It’s always good to know woman do a makeup for night for possible invitations to parties and cocktails at the last minute, that way you do not need to run away after a makeup artist would often not be able to schedule for you.

The makeup for night is always the most sought after by women, because of the events and festivals take place always in the night, in addition to leaving his wife even more beautiful and glamorous. We can find several tutorials, tips and step-by-step makeup for night, each more elegant than the other. You can’t help but check out our beautiful makeup tutorial for night, besides follow the great tips for making a beautiful makeup.

Different from day to day makeup, where the natural makeup and light shades are paramount, at night it’s worth investing in a make-up more glamorous with very bright, colors of shadows stronger and attractive, because they help enhance the feminine beauty and leave the visual of even more elegant and sophisticated woman. Check out some tips below for night makeup:

Makeup for your eyes

In the eye, you can opt either for light colors as darker and bolder, as well as the pencil that can be used, the color you prefer. The only tip is to watch in relation to your skin tone, white people don’t mix with heavy makeup for the night. Another tip is to make time the lips women can abuse a little more on the lips that will be very cool.

You know what’s cool in makeup to night? Is that you have the ability to highlight your eyes with dark shadows, black pencil, eyeliner and mascara a lot or choose something lighter, like a more subtle eye and a mouth sexier. Always remember, when you load too much eye use lipstick more discreet, as a pink of course, nude or just a gloss.

Makeup for the Lips

In the same way that the eye area should be highlighted in makeup, lips also deserve to be highlighted. The cool thing is to use a lipstick with gloss and use a pencil to outline the mouth shape of the lips. Women with pale skin combine with red lipsticks in shades of Orange and the most varied shades of pink, Brunettes can use and abuse of any type and color of lipstick. And for black, dark lipsticks in shades of wine, dark red and coral combine perfectly.

The tip in relation to the lips is to be careful with the color of the shadow and lipstick, for example, if you opt for a pink shadow has no place to opt for a pink lipstick, too. As well as doing a heavy makeup in the eyes and use a strong lipstick. Use your common sense, or work in the eyes or lips, never press too much.

To terminate

The pieces of clothing that you will use the night won’t influence anything like the kind of makeup chosen by you, so the makeup should harmonize with your skin tone and you have a perfect match, so you call attention to your surroundings. Don’t forget to highlight the eyes in a makeup for night as well as underline also the lips, however subtly without exaggerating too much. Follow all these tips you can blow a beautiful makeup.

Tips for making a good makeup for night

-To start doing makeup for night use a good base of the same tone of your skin to standardize the traits of your face.

-You can also use the compact to finalize the makeup and give a velvety skin effect.

-The intense Black Shadow combines perfectly in a makeup for night, to let your eyes well highlighted.

– The blush is essential for finalizing the makeup and provide a healthy appearance to the skin.

-Finalize the makeup with a beautiful lipstick. To enhance and increase the lips use a lip contour pencil in the same color of lipstick or lips color.

Makeup for evening – step by step

  1. First, prepare your skin. A very cool tip is to let the ready lashes with mascara and eyelash curler before you begin preparing the makeup.
  2. Now is the time to apply the mascara. Preferably apply a generous layer. The tip is to pass a mask before, that way if you blur when passing the mascara is just a makeup remover on a cotton bud and pass the location of the dirt.
  3. apply the concealer with a brush itself. You can apply the concealer only in dark circles and blemishes, scars and acne marks.
  4. With a thicker brush, apply the powder to remove the shine from skin. However, be careful not to carry it too much.
  5. apply a shadow on matte brown color only on the eyelids.
  6. With a fine-tipped brush, apply a layer of the same shade close to the lower lashes. Then, apply the black pencil.
  7. On the lips, apply a color or pink lipstick mouth with a brush.
  8. Finalize the makeup with a blush of color of skin, only to give a healthy air for the skin.
  9. You’re done! Now it’s just rock.