Makeup for New Year’s Eve-Pictures and Tips

The year is almost over and you have to decide not only the clothing, but also with what look you want to receive the new year presents. After all, I don’t think the way that you look to the future will not interfere very much in your daily life.

Someone once said that the eyes are the Windows to the soul, isn’t it? So, to help you show the best way this beautiful soul you have on this new year’s Eve, bet on a powerful makeup to make her worthy of being happy in both the magical night of the turn as in the next 365 days.

Gold and silver tones are unbeatable for the nights of glamorous parties as the turn of the year, and, depending on the type and place of the event, you can bet on them heavily or more discreet. Remember, however, that nothing forces use gold or silver. You can – and should – use the colors that harmonize with the costume, with accessories (handbags, shoes and jewelry/jewelry) and nail colors (hands and feet). Still has her own eyes, which make a big difference, especially those more clear.

Study very well to create a look in which each element should reinforce each other and makeup, so just complete this look while wearing your soul.

Having chosen the predominant color of your new year’s Eve, everything revolves around her. Let’s go to the makeup itself.

The ritual of makeup

First of all, remember that you must prepare your skin, as this is essential for making the makeup based on your skin uniform like a soft second skin – and not look like a covered her. In addition, will have greater durability.

1-Preparing the skin

  • Demaquiar-you must remove all make-up and traces of her and other impurities from the skin. Use your makeup remover preferably. A tip is to use towels or baby wipes, which are ideal for this because they have a neutral pH.
  • Hydrate – Use a cream or lotion for your skin type. If you have oily skin use a protective matidicante on T zone.
  • Fix – Use a yellow concealer if their “dark circles” are violets; light green broker for “dark circles” more reddish, or broker mauve/beige, if they are greenish.

You can still put a touch of illuminator for pointing out the parts of your face designed and less makeup to opposite effect, for example, if you want to hide a little at the tip of your nose or a cheese too square.

Such corrections should be well marked and it is recommended to use cream blush.

Another useful tip for fixing the patches of skin, is to use the cold. In the market, you can find special masks which are placed in the freezer and applied with a cloth on skin not to water it. If enough to wet the skin already corrected, dry it by pressure of a dry cloth or handkerchief and never drag.

Use translucent base on your skin color – do not use lighter and even darker. To set the base, reinforce with a translucent powder and so avoid the rebound time flashes brilliance.

Applying makeup

The makeup must be initiated by the upper part of the face.

EYEBROWS -if necessary, to correct flaws, or fill. Note that your eyebrows too light (blonde) are not seen in the photos, especially in places with artificial lights.

With a fine brush shadow with shadow color Mink (Golden and quite pigmented). According to floralamakeup, black color in eyebrows, because it may seem “very rare”, as in the photographs, they will be blue.

EYELIDS – new year’s Eve asks striking tones, but don’t push it, using shadows too dark or glitter type. Give preference to the colors and the warm colours (Brown, peach, lavender, pink, orange).

The exception to the glitter is for the area under the eyebrows and when they are not very crowded and showy to not risk popularize your look.

If your eyes are many funds, apply a matte ivory illuminator in the center of the eyelid.

EYES EYELINER – it is important to define the area of the eye, valuing it. To achieve a natural effect, accomplish it with a brush soaked in water and black shadow. To get an even more pronounced effect, you can use liquid eyeliner.

Avoid very hot brown tones, because they do, throughout the night, getting red. Choose colder shades. If you can, do a few days before a test, to evaluate the intensity of the dermopigmentação (the color will penetrate the skin and suffering minor changes in your original tone).

EYE LASHES- Eyelash very straight, bet on the Bender. It is also recommended to use indelible mask to avoid “drain” by the face with heat or even some very emotional moment!

Do not discard the possibility of a permanent Eyelash dyeing, a week before.

MOUTH – Preferably, use a pencil eyeliner or lip indelible – on a a shade darker than the lipstick you’ll use-to draw the lips. Take the opportunity to correct some small detail and enhance this area. For example, to increase the lips, outline them outside, and to decrease, outline them inside.

Then, with a esfumá brush him inside and then fill with the indelible lipstick tone chosen. You can use glitter, but only in the center of the mouth.

CHEEKS – To emphasise them, a discreet and terracotta colors blush or peach, very gently. To know the right place where to apply, using a brush brush: make a rabbit face and apply fair where it sinks.

The blush (or blush) can also be strategic to soften the face formats. If your face is round, you can make it look thinner, applying the blush a centimeter below the eyes.

For square faces, the trick is to apply on the cheek, jaw, Chin and forehead. Already the triangular format calls for a bush more along the eyes, forehead and Chin.

Already if your face is oval, apply the blush from the apples to temples, but without getting to the root of the hair. And, for long format give strokes from the center of the cheek to the sides.

Tips for a beautiful look

  • If you are sunburned, don’t try to lighten with bases, because the skin may display a gray effect in the pictures, if you had an Alien look. In these cases, do not use the base but volatile powder, not to shine in the photos.
  • Forget the lines and strokes, everything looks better esfumadinho.
  • For events and holidays (many and lengthy), wetting bases and water are ideas.
  • A trick to get the color of the lipstick last longer in make ice packs after applying lipstick

Choose your look

1-Visual Peace

Gold, pink and bright white represent affection, creativity and peace. Colors are perfect for the dark skin and bronzed.

Makeup: Graffiti or brown pencil to fill in your eyebrows (optional), mascara. A good trick to lighten the color of the eyes is to use an eyeliner color like yellow gold. Black shadow and white shadow (sparkling) or gold over, blush pink, pink lipstick intense, grape or lightly golden brown.

2-Radiant Passion

Red is the color of passion, makes us look more “attractive” to the people around us.

The colors that harmonize with the red, for both the makeup and the supplements are: black, beige, gold and silver.

Makeup-eyes Protagonism: Graffiti or brown pencil to fill in your eyebrows (optional), black shadow, silver or gold shade, shade for the black lashes, lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss red passion.

3-black Chic Subversive

Gothic, Dark, Smokyy Eyes, Charleston or Subversive Chic, no matter the style, the makeup and the color black as Center of attention (in the eye and/or lips) appeals to most women, and especially young people.

The style is inspired by the fusion of elegance with the Gothic. Very recommended for clear skin and no Tan, which will highlight, consequently, intensely dark eyes and lips.

Makeup-dark brown or black pencil to fill in your eyebrows, strong black pencil to outline the eyes, black shadow, shade covers, illuminator for edges of eyebrows, mascara black (you can also bet on false eyelashes to enhance the look), creamy blush in copper tone. Options for the lips: pencil Black + Black lipstick, lipstick, dark grape wine or black pencil combination + dark red lipstick.

Bet on color more enticing to you, enjoy the party, dance and date a lot, drink in moderation and keep the look ahead!