Makeup For New Year’s At the Beach

Oooooi, goxxxtosas! All good?

Makeup For New Year's At the Beach

Geeeeente left a makeup tutorial for you to use and glass in this new year! Êeeeeeh!

This time I wanted to do a tutorial, I made a colorful blur more olhão, without an appointment, without delineated kitten. And it was beautiful! I loved it!

In fact since the beginning of the make, the idea was to do something different, so much about what I do, how about the colors. I say this because the vast majority of people (the vast majority), is attached to the idea of spending the new year’s Eve with a specific color, in which case, symbolizes what she wants for her life the following year. This is nothing new. The fact is that wanted to make more universal. Universal in the sense that I made using shades of blue, however, simply you choose the color that you want to spend the new year’s Eve, and change my shade of blue, the color chosen by you. The make will give SUPER right, believe me! This was an idea I had, to make this tutorial is valid for all, without exception. Just change the shades chosen, who will have to make that wish to have, and will continue to be beautiful, yet using the same techniques I showed in this tutorial.

I chose the blue, because I particularly love, mainly by the amazing contrast it provides to my red hair. I think you overestimate. I loved the choice of tones, mainly od pigment. I think he gave a “TA”, was the add-on to make needed.

Recalling once again that the make is versatile and caters for all! If they didn’t want the blue, just switch to some other color you like, right?

I hope you enjoy the video!

So that’s it, my lovelies! I hope you enjoyed the video, and especially the idea of versatility. I hope to play and beat on make on new year’s Eve, and most important of all, passing next to the most important people in their lives.


  • Eyes

Correction (as Fixer) – Dailus

Compact 01 – Vult

Late summer palette-Dailus

Studio 1 palette – Vult

180 color palette

Turquoise pigment – touch of Nature

Colorless Cilia mask-Ricosti

False eyelashes Au Naturale 03-First Kiss

Pencil Line Shadow Soul Color To Go – Eudora

  • Skin

Basis Matte Effect 03-Vult

Basis Matte Effect 04 – Vult

Compact 01 – Vult

Blush Side Sparkle-Mary Kay

Soft And Gentle Illuminator – Mac

  • Mouth

Nude Liquid Lipstick-Ramona

Ahhhh, as promised (and made in previous videos), the palette that I used in this tutorial, will be donated to a reader that I chose, for which she also play to make, and also as a way of thanks for caring. The reader that I picked today, is very special to me and she knows it. Mari, FC @BocaRosaLand, which is an amazing reader, with a wonderful vozerão! She is a very special goxxxtosa in my life, and she knows better than anyone. In addition, this month was Mari’s birthday, then it is also as a birthday gift *-*

My love, you know how much I appreciate all your kindness, and how much I love you. Sure, I made the right choice, mainly because I know you will enjoy your gift. You are amazing and very special in my life. I hope you like this, see? It’s a small way to thank all your affection < 3

Ahhhh, and also could not miss the 3 kisses to my goxxxtosas < 3

The first kiss goes to @BorisBia, which is a super special reader. Guys, she has a beautiful daughter, who is Manu, who watches me with her, believe? I almost died in love when I heard (mostly from the video that I saw). My love, thank you so much for your kindness and the Manu, see? A big kiss from your mouth Pink for you! Congratulations on the Princess, she’s too cute < 3

The second Kiss goes to Karina Santos, which is a beautiful College goxxxtosa, Nando, who helped us with our House Plan (and stay hipeeer happy). You know how much I was looking forward to it, and Karina did us a favor. Thank you Karina, mainly for the love, my beautiful < 3

The third Kiss goes to Natalia Ferreira, who is a beautiful goxxxtosa, with a lovely face, which is always present there in the fan page. I see, okay? ahahaha. Thanks for the love, baby! The same < 3

So that’s it, baby! The Bia is going, but the Bia back, see?

A SUPER kiss of Pink Mouth and stay with God < 3