Makeup for Carnival: Get Inspired in Step by Step

One of the most anticipated holidays of the year is coming . With it comes lots of fun, colour and brightness accompanying looks increasingly bold. What many people overlook is the makeup for the Carnival.

So, we brought two large tips all makeup artists: Camila rabbit and Phil’s axe.
N will forget: give to work numerous colors and be extremely beautiful. And you, have you chosen which will be your make to this weekend? We have prepared two tutorials for you inspire (and fall in love!). Check out:

Tutorial 1- makeup for Carnival : Orange, pink, and purple

  • To begin, apply shadow clamp across the eyelid.Usethe finger and spread well.
  • Blow the concave with a Brown shade, above the eyelid.
  • Then grab a shadow in beige, which is pale and dull as well, pass below the eyebrow and then touch up the Brown.
  • Choose a lighter or white champagne tone with brightness and pass under the eyebrow to give a light touchilluminated.
  • Grab a brush and shade purple, and dark the outside corner of the eye and the concave. Then take a part and let the edges softer.
  • With a brush, choose an opaque pink shadow to start giving colour to make. Pass the pink shadow in the center of the eyelid, and with the dark purple. Then take the Orange shade (also opaque) and apply in the inside corner of the eye, meeting with rosa and blow a little longer.
  • In the inside corner of the eye, apply a bit of shade champagne with a fine brush.
  • Pass the black pencil on the waterline of the eye up and down. Then make a dash very thin a little below the waterline, take your blending brush with a bit of Brown and shadow vanish upon black pencil, giving more prominence to the look.
  1. Take a darker pink, with a little bit of shine and pbake in starters of the eye, on the bottom, forming a gradient.
  2. Apply theConcealer under the eye, correcting the dark circles.
  3. Make a delineated very thin at the top of the eye.
  4. Then use the mask of eyelashes to make the look even more beautiful, if you want to give even more prominence, apply false eyelashes.
  5. Outline the cheekbones with powder bronzer, pass a little above and illuminatorafterthe blush.
  6. Finally, make the outline of your lips by using a pencil and put on the lipstick.

Tutorial 2: make super colorful

  • Startto your makeup for the Carnivalapplying concealeroneyelid.
  • Apply the Illuminator below the eyebrow.
  • Use a Brown blur shadow on concave, making a circular motion.
  • At the tip of the outside corner, apply a little bit of dark brown.
  • Applya fixer of shadowswhite(clown)across the eyelid. Then choose a green tone clear and pass in the inside corner of the eye. Then, change the color to blue. Next to the Green, apply blue shadow. After the blue apply a roxinho, side by side. Already at the outer corner, use a shade that your color pull the wine, take a course you better come up to.
  • Please outlined in internal and external corner of the eye. Take a black shadow and take a part in the outlined. Clean the corners remaining.
  • Apply false eyelashes, use eye pencil in ´ watermark water, blow the external contact of the bottom and apply a pink shade in the inner corner of the eye, with Pat according to CARswers.
  • Add the mask of eyelashes, blush on the cheekbones, sparkles and lipstick.