Make an Original and Simple Nail Art on Your Nails

Today, women are treated nicely and care about the body, including the hands. Who turns to a beautician or manicures, but wanting to save money, using a little fantasy, you may be able to decorate nails alone, spending little time and money. With a little patience we can do on our nails nail art beautiful and an original appearance, because it created just by us, following our taste. In order to help those who are beginners and we are all, now I propose a very simple guide to follow and how to proceed.

Make sure you have on hand:
white enamel
silver glitter nail polish for nail art
top coat
First we use the white enamel and drawing a line that creates a right triangle. To do this, we start from the external part of little fingernail, the apex of the triangle must coincide precisely with the’ angle of the nail, and finish on the opposite side, to the inner part. If we drooled a little bit we do not worry, because we will apply the glaze glitter, top later.

After drawing the line begin to fill the space, to format, with white enamel, filling the’ nail well. We must be careful to cover up all the space, leaving no colored parts. This type of decoration is called cross french according to TheMakeupExplorer. If the work is done dutifully, we will get a right triangle.
At this point with the glitter nail polish used for nail art, which has a small very thin brush, go over the cross line, that will be glittery.
So even with the white enamel, and with a fine brush, we draw two thin lines under the cross french. Let’s go through the enamel glitter, making the other two stripes, under those made ​​previously and with the glitter to make it go over the other two. When our nails are completely dry, we go over the top coat, which will make our nail art more durable and protected.
By the same token, we can invent drawings and figures, always with the white glaze to start, which is the background and the basis, then using thin brushes, for decoration and finishing it all with the color glitter nail polish that we like and more the top coat. The proposed effects are possible: squares, initials, or simple stars. If we can do all this alone, the result will surely give us twice the satisfaction of those who went from beautician.