Look: Colorful Plus Size Monkey

Today I will show you a piece that’s controversy and won my heart with strength: this colorful plus size monkey Julia Plus. Yes, I’m wearing no BRA, making the “transgressive” … uahuahauhauaha. Well, I don’t have “d” (unfortunately), so I thought there was no use and I felt good and happy. This piece is controversial because, in fact, you can’t use with bra. Then we get into an issue that I think needs to be well reflected: there is only one type of fat, people! Some people have very large chest and can’t use anything without a bra or clothes with spaghetti straps, but there’s fat with thin back, with little breasts who want to just use something like

this. We need to stop generalizing all because, what I have noticed is that some brands like Julia Plus have been trying to offer a wide variety of models to wear the biggest variety of biotypes possible. Don’t give out “into” the marks because all of a sudden that particular model does not scroll for you: some people will love, who will use and will look great, so it’s time we understand that too. I myself am devoid of hip. Imagine if it was squealing for all they do for those who have wide hips? And the thousands of pants that I have to send push? Is normal and we need to understand that the variety is part of this movement of deconstruction.

A nice detail of this colorful plus size monkey is that it seems almost a dress because the part of the shorts is very fluffy, which I loved with passion. He leaves no periquitation (who is new here this is my slang to talk of periquita marking on clothes), so people won my heart even more. On the back of the waistband it has elastic and, along with lashing the coasts, he gives a good modeled on curves, leaving our silhouette right gorgeous. Also I love that belly is not marked and you know I’m fat, so I found pure love! It is made in crepe, which is very fresh and nice to use.

Look at her laying back, chest and all to play! Ameeeeeei hard this monkey and he’s still going to walk a lot with this cute here. And then, what do you think? Kisses!