Long Nails: Tips for Growth and Strengthening

Many women have a hard time of letting the nails long, because ever break, Peel, or weaken.

You also faces this difficulty and to discourage leaving your nails grow? So, relax! Your problem has a solution and we’ll help you. Check below some tips-homemade or not – for you leave your toenail much stronger and healthier.

Tips for long nails

1 -Mavaderma

You know this product? Is an oil that nourishes nails, enriched with protein, which acts as an accelerator to have long nails. His performance in Noskin, feeding the array and activating blood flow right at the root of the nail.

The application must be done daily, massaging the nail until the product penetrate her. Is a great way to make your nails grow faster and healthier. The advantage is that you can apply it even though with enamel. Try it!

2 – Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle -Growth snapshot

There is also a product that ensures long nails: Nailgrowth Miracle. This product promises a miracle: offers a 30% growth on the nails in just five days.

The product has in your formula: soy protein, multi vitamins, collagen and keratin. Its application is made every two days and the nails must be clean and dry. Then, it is possible to pass the enamel over the product.

3 – no money? Homemade recipe!

To prepare the recipe you need RA products that you probably already have around the House, such as extra virgin olive oil, a simple Cotton Bowl, a spatula and some harpsichord .

Pour a po uco olive oil in the pot (no need to be too), place the cloves along with the olive oil and use the spatula to mix. Take the mixture to the fire (water bath) for 1 hour, then strain. You can put in a empty packaging of enamel in order to facilitate implementation.

When you’re done, let your nail to stand with the liquid. This homemade recipe is super simple and generates good results.

Do you have any suggestions on product of long nails p the ra tell us? Leave comments and click Ehuzhou.