LG Secret

LG has just presented its new model of the Black Label series, at an event in London, which Engadget Mobile has been present, the LG Secret -This series also belong the LG Chocolate and LG Shine-.

The LG Secret has a design just as spectacular as the other terminal of the Black Label series, but stands out for having a Chamber of 5 megapixel camera, something not usual in a mobile so slim – only 11.8mm of thickness -.

The LG Secret is designed to be durable and for this reason rare materials have been used in the manufacture of mobile phones: the housing is made of carbon fiber and the screen is covered by a shield of tempered glass.

The screen

The screen of 2.4 inches and 240 x 320 pixels, comes with the touch system Neon Touch Navigation, responding to keystrokes with lighting effects blue. But this phone is not only controlled by the screen since, if you prefer, we can use the keyboard. To go from the touch function to using the traditional keyboard only, we will have to press a button.

In addition the screen comes with a control of the brightness that will help that I see better mobile screen regardless of the weather conditions in which we find ourselves, but not only for this purpose, since this application will also help us to extend the battery life, something very interesting in a terminal with a big screen since they consume much.

The camera

As we have already mentioned the LG Secret It has a 5 megapixel camera with ISO 800 to avoid problems under conditions of low light, that also It can record video at 120 frames per second -slow-.

The phone also records and plays DivX, has TV-out, 5 balance of pre-defined targets, 7 modes scene, digital zoom 16 increases and numerous effects including Morphing function, to touch up faces, and the SmartLight function, which automatically corrects the light settings.

Obviously it also records audio.

It also comes with a software of video editing for the creation of music videos.

We can keep all this content in the internal memory of the LG Secret which is 100 MB, or SD cards up to 4 GB.


The LG Secret comes equipped with Google Pakage, a software that allows the user to browse, connect to Gmail, watch videos on YouTube and see Google Maps.

For the connection to the internet the LG Secret comes equipped with HSDPA, with Bluetooth 2.0 with auto-sync to synchronize it with your computer.

Music player

The LG Secret can also be used as musical player, although due to low internal memory that possesses, has complete with SD cards. The phone plays MP3, AAC, AAC +, AAC ++, WMA and RA; It has 6 preset EQ and allows to classify files based on artist, genre and album or playlist by the user.

Also has FM radio integrated.


The LG Secret It includes games that use their Accelometer Sensor, something that gives you a gyroscope effect and which, with small movements of the phone, can throw darts or fishing fish.

And if instead of playing want to advance the work of the office, the LG Secret You can open files in TXT, PDF, DOC, PPT and XLS format.

The phone also has a motion sensor that allows you to rotate the screen and thus adapt the images, videos and documents to the most suitable position simply by changing the orientation of the phone.

Mobile multitasking capability, is also very interesting since you can listen to music while the photos are made, is played, using the menu or messages are sent.

We have a mobile, very comprehensive and interesting.

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