LG Secret: First Impressions

In one of those rare occasions in which the editors of Engadget Mobile leave cyberspace to the unreal world, last Thursday we went to London to the presentation of LG Secret, the latest model star LG and the third of the “Black Label Series”. I have already mentioned the specifications and technical characteristics, and although I was barely 15 minutes fiddling about the “Secret”, I tell my first impressions on this mobile.

After the talk of presentation I was watching a couple of demos product. In one of them, a boy selected a “funky” music file and made a music video with the collaboration of the participants within two minutes. Great for your “performances” on YouTube or get that vein artistic that you carry within. Next to it, a girl very attractive and somewhat myopic, taught me a photo of your legs, with included League, and it is then when the demo became even more interesting.

Design and good materials

The “Secret” is one of those mobile facts to “show”, exuding style and design that it attract enough attention. Although in its advertising are many women, which can lead to think that it is a female phone, is actually rather unisex. On the screen and sliding keyboard hidden hand, resembles the LG “Shine”. To be protected with glass antiralladuras, the front is highly stylized, with a very elegant straight line. In the rear, carbon fiber gives an aspect of “retro” camera, Since it has a leather-like texture. One of the points highlighted is its thickness, and is that really is very fine. The weight is 112 grams, it isn’t especially light but more than what I expected. The phone touch gives the impression of being a compact product, with good finishes, ultimately, it shows immediately that is a high end mobile.

Now you can get rid of your digital camera

Well if it is a reflex does not dispose of it, but if you can replace a Pocket digital camera. The LG Secret has a similar camera performance to the Viewty with 5 megapixels, zoom automatic, stabilizer, macro, ISO 800 sensitivity and several preset capture modes. With those features, superior to the many cameras in the market, it can be used perfectly as camera “diary”.

The video also features they are very well. DivX certification allows you to record and play back in a good relationship file calidad-tamano, and can capture at VGA resolution and 30 frames per second in QVGA 120. Account with a TV, which I was unable to find in the mobile, which increases its value as a Media Player, not be limited only to the display of the phone.

Easy to use multimedia

Now that it seems that all the manufacturers want to experiment with touch screens, The Secret includes a but with a unique approach. I think that they have tried to make an innovative mobile but without breaking with the present, and for that reason it has a sliding keypad. The touch screen is activated by a button and from there access to the multimedia features phone: audio player, Viewer images and documents, the accelerometer and the FM radio. I did not try it thoroughly, but in principle the use of touch screen is limited to these functions. Although some think that it is better to control the mobile phone with a touch screen, and there will be people who see more comfortable to use screen to control it as a media player. Rather than a limit in terms of functions, I think it is a smart and consistent with the design option, “the touch” is reduced and you gain in ease of use and comfort.

Conclusions, price and several gossip

The first impulse I had to see the LG Secret was the of throw him in the Pocket and run out, but as the output was monitored by employees of LG with appearance of knowing much taewkwondo, I had to suppress my instincts of Kleptomaniac.

The Secret is a very good phone and it shows nothing but see it. It has a very nice lines and the quality jump in sight. Although in advertising appears as a mobile very female, I recommend it to those looking for a stylish and durable phone. If in addition you can use it as a camera more than decent and Media Player not to complicate your life, I think that right now is the best options that you can find. If now the Windows of Harrods they had as reference photos of LG’s design, I guess that it is products like this.

Negative aspects in principle I couldn’t find you none except the already common stains from fingers on the touch screen, only solvable by frequent cleaning of the screen and hands.

The price they could not confirm it but from that riding the Viewty camera, you have to calculate that it will go for the 400, or rather, 500 euros free. Grant by the operators depends on the negotiations that were still finalizing, though I imagine that Orange and the rest of the “majors” will end it to including in their catalogues.

As gossip tell you that before the end of the year will be a different model Secret line in the market and that LG is working to also market this 2008 models with “open operating systems”, i.e., Android.