LG KF700

LG Electronics He has officially announced the release of the model LG-KF700, a new multimedia phone that boasts of combining three input methods to create an intuitive user interface, trying to give instant access to most features.

We are going to better define these three input methods:

  • A touch screen 3-inch, it provides direct access to the different functions and widgets, thanks to the completely adapted to the use of the touch interface.
  • A alphanumeric keypad type slider, little I can talk about that does not know, a method that LG wanted to preserve for their familiarity and because in some way it simplifies the process of marking, that it is still the best is to write text messages.
  • A wheel control located in the back of the phone, which we style with your thumb, with which we can move easily through menus or lists of elements.
    For example, when we use the browser, it allows us to zoom quickly, deplazarnos a mail with a simple movement, or raise and lower the volume while we make a call or reproduce music.

Each of these input methods are configurable, and can associate them with tasks that fit better, allowing thus the creation of a user interface optimized, making more personal and fast operation.

The LG-KF700 is a phone 3g with HSDPA support, This together with its 3-inch screen gives us the possibility to browse comfortably (must support Flash and YouTube compatibility).

Other features worth highlighting are the reproduction of MP3 audio, MP4 video, ideal for the size of your screen, the typical Bluetooth connectivity, and a 3 Mega Pixel camera.

As a negative comment on the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, in many countries the data rates are not particularly cheap, and it is a possibility that should be referred to.

A video demo of the interface and different functions of the operating system, is in English but is easily seguible:

As regards competition, it should be noted that HTC It has a terminal with similar characteristics, the HTC Touch Dual, a great alternative if you’re looking for a phone with these characteristics.

The KF700 It was presented both in Barcelona Mobile World Congress and CTIA 2008 earlier this year, is now available in Europe and other markets in successive months it will be.