LG Develops Elliptical LCD Screens

Had never given me by asking me why LCDs are always square, but LG Display wants to demonstrate that this does not have to be always so, since we have presented two new Elliptical-shaped LCDs.

The first of them is large enough, 6 inches, with 78.8 mm in height and 131,4 mm wide, while the second, of 1.4 inches is 35.5 mm in diameter. Both LCD screens are able to show up to 262.000 colors and they have a close to 160 degrees viewing angle.

LG Display try these models take a step beyond the established or traditional, opening doors to show alternative designs.

The image that accompanies this publication shows a clock, which could change the design with quite easily, but there is no doubt that LG will be thinking of bringing these new panels to the world of mobile telephony somehow, we are sure that time will end up giving me the reason. Both by size and innovation in a matter of design needs, in a short time we will have terminals with these circular panels.

Out of business phones you can find interesting applications, such as panels of instrumentation for automobile and industry different uses in electronics for the home.

Elliptical panels will be presented in the exhibition society Society for Information Display 2008 (SID) in Los Angeles, which will be held from 18 to 23 May. The company plans to introduce a series of concepts that put into practice new designs.

Perhaps make us rare a circular screen phone, but it is not the first time that we see a concept, such as the one presented by the guys at Yanko Design: