Lenovo Change Strategy, All Your Mobile Will Carry The Brand Motorcycle

Lenovo is one of the reference companies in the technology sector and they have a strong presence in the business of computers and, to a lesser extent, in the mobile telephony. Although they have not been all bad, the latest results would not have been entirely satisfactory for the brand, which has announced changes in your business mobile.

In addition to a change in direction, which now will be borne by Gina Qiao, Lenovo would have also decided to give a twist to your strategy and start selling all their smartphones under the brand motorcycle instead of having two separate lines as they were doing so far.

Moto brand is essential in our catalog of Lenovo

In recent years, Lenovo has done for replicate its domain as computer manufacturer also in the mobile segment with purchase of Motorola Mobility as main asset. However, the latest changes would be putting in evidence that the move It has still not made the expected results.

After the acquisition of Motorola, Lenovo started to offer two lines of smartphones: one under the name of Lenovo and other branded bike. Now, as reported in Campaign Asia, the Chinese company will unify its catalogue so that all their smartphones come out to the market with the brand motorcycle.

This change implies a twist of strategy with respect to the Moto brand announcement by Lenovo for months, giving more prominence to the Chinese brand. Now is see how to unify its offer in a way that classic bike as the G bike, Moto E series terminals and now also the Moto Z are not diluted between the rest of proposals.

In addition, the change is accompanied by a new direction for the business of Lenovo mobile. The control passed into the hands of Gina Qiao, former head of human resources and marketing, which is expected to boost the growth of the mobile division of brand in China.