LED Lights for Sports Practices for HDTV and Super Slow Motion

Modern HDTV transmission quality and super slow motion. To be able to exploit the full potential of these two TV standards technical, high performance cameras require bright light, professional. For example, for super slow motion, the cameras record about of 300 frames per second. However, the conventional lighting usually beats the 50 Hertz. And this can be seen clearly on the tapes with approximately of 200 frames per second or more. The image flickers, meaning that the material is unstable.

The SiCOMPACT MIDI S FL subsidiary of OSRAM is the first world reflector that allows the lighting of sporting events using LED technology, which not only meets today’s standards, but also provides adequate light for HDTV recordings at high speed. The FL SiCOMPACT MIDI S was developed especially for this requirement. A special ballast ensures that it works without control and can be dimerizado. The first in the world in lighting of sporting arenas.
The SiCOMPACT was very successful in SOUTH FL’s in the practical test in the Studio Plazamedia TV, the production company of the German channel Sport1. The result: Under the Siteco LED lighting, high speed recordings don’t flicker, even at 1,000 frames per second according to ITYPETRAVEL.COM.
The ultramodern lighting solution was used for the first time in the arena ratiopharm in Ulm, the new home of the greatest Basketball League, ratiopharm Ulm. A total of 350 SiCOMPACT FL MIDI’s light up the block, the bleachers and the stairs.
The ultramodern lighting solution also meets the requirements of the International Basketball Association (FIBA) for suitable for HDTV broadcasts. In addition to the force of 2,000 vertical lighting lights, a high level of uniformity and good color reproduction are guaranteed.

Single Use, Energy-Efficient Lighting Events

At the same time, the lighting installation can be used flexibly for all kinds of events. The FL SiCOMPACT MIDI S can be controlled individually by using the DMX and can be infinitely dimerizado. At the same time, he uses only the current that is really necessary for the light.
In the test, the FL SiCOMPACT MIDI S also provided light suitable for recording HD 300 frames per second, even with 30% energy reduction. In addition, the luminaire hardly needs maintenance. Compared with conventional lamps with lifetime of 4,000 to 8,000 hours, the FL SiCOMPACT MIDI’s life can be useful around 50,000 hours.

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