Lecture about LED Technology in Kempten

LED-The Lighting Technology Of Tomorrow,

But everyone is already talking about the LED technology of today.
It is clear that the LED will revolutionize lighting technology in the next decade, just as the flat screens have replaced the old tube monitors and TVs.

Consumers were initially skeptical about this new technology. If it was not only expensive, new technical parameters such as resolution, reaction time, pixel density, etc. were also confused.
Today’s LED users are also confronted with new terms such as luminous flux , lumen, candela and lux or temperature management. The term “lifetime” requires an extended consideration. Products can no longer be compared with the well-known concept of power consumption in watts.

Mr. Tom Reichelt, founder of LEDclusive.de as well as co-founder of the company weberLED and responsible for the LED lighting development, will present a three-hour talk with the above title about this new innovative light source at an evening event of the Kolpings-Akademie Kempten on 14 June 2010 Of the future.
By means of practical measurements on different LED lamps the participant gets this new technology up close.
You will find further information on the content and registration here: Kolping Academy Kempten