Learn to Combine Jewelry, Dresses and Shoes

Yes, depending on your look or the event where go is cool. But, generally speaking, combine jewelry, dresses and shoes requires a bit of care. Overdoing it can be the end of your production.

Of course, sometimes a little more glitter is in the clothes, jewelry or makeup does not hurt anyone, but, girls, good sense is everything!

It’s good to always think the body of work. The final effect when it’s all mixed can be superelegante or a total disaster.
Seek to adapt to trends and take care not to lose the personality and natural brightness according to CachedJewelry.
The ideal is to balance the current jewelry with dresses and shoes harmoniously. How? Well, let’s see:
It doesn’t matter if the style is more bold or discreet, harmony to match jewels, gowns and shoes should prevail (combining Jewelry and Clothes).
1-Choose a piece, the jewel, the dress or the shoes, to be the key to your look. Starting now becomes easier (Transform simple clothes in key pieces in your closet);
2-Avoid combining too much jewelry colors with the color of the dress, so the brightness of the part that should be evident, some (8 unexpected ways to use more than one piece of jewelry at the same time);
3-Combine the earrings with the necklace or the ring with the bracelet, also does not value the pieces. The sets are only good in the luxury category. Pearls or precious stones (inspired by the jewelry and accessories from the famous);
4-neutral colors in the dress, as white, nude, grey or black is excellent for highlighting the shoes or jewelry;

5-another common mistake is the standardization of colors with the color of the dress shoes and even the stock market. Remember: combine too much makes it all go away in the eyes of the beholder (Learn how to match clothes and bags). Do not use a single color from head to toe. If you have in a red dress and a red bag, let the red shoes in the closet. The best is to bet on a black shoe, or nude (combining the shoe with every kind of pants).

And when the dress has prints?

Well, it’s simple! Dress, accessories minimized. When a piece is attracting attention, let call, but that piece (How to combine accessories with patterned dresses). Shoes, now, should be neutral and the jewels, more discreet. But, if the jewels have many ornaments, then Yes, look for those that have similar colors with the color of the dress.
This serves both to the floral prints and animal print style or geometric. A play so enough impacting and opt for more delicate jewelry is the most appropriate. Geometric prints are interesting, especially when paired with the right jewelry.
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Combine jewelry, dresses and shoes of harmonious way depends on a single strategy: Don’t overdo it!
Girls! Keep the jewelry or trinkets and flashy clothes and brightest for more discreet. The simplest dresses contribute to the glamour and the effect the jewelry offer.
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Another tip is in relation to maxi dresses. The long dresses, called itself the attention. Therefore, combining jewelry with long dresses requires discretion. They will only give a charm to the look. The jump could be used Yes, in addition to the flats. You are going to be beautiful and elegant.